Monday, December 31, 2007

singer stylist 534


so, i get a lot of hits on my blog by people looking for 'singer stylist 534'. i thought it might be useful for me to publish the websites i used to become an expert on ALL things stylist, how to replace gears, where to get them, how to thread it, how to fix the hook timing, how to fix the feed dogs, how to oil and maintain it, etc. etc.

here are some good online resources:

threading diagram:

general info on trouble shooting a sewing machine:

maintenance for the stylist line:

timing adjustments for the stylist line:

info on singer parts (gears, feed dogs, etc. etc.)

i think that's all right now. but please, don't hesitate to contact me for more info... i MIGHT be able to help.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

the submitees

so, these are the 3 doorstops i'm sending to hallmark. they'll photograph them, i'm sure... because my pictures are less than perfect.

what do you think?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


this is what christmas looks like through the eyes of a 4 year-old... literally. everything is either in your face (as is the case with Fia the dog there) or above you (like the ingredients). S got a digital camera from santa (it's FOR kids, people... not an adult one). i would say the camera is a great thing, and has given me LOTS of laughs (he took a picture of a boot on the floor)... the only bad time was when he brought it into the bathroom while someone was showering.

christmas, all in all, was pretty great this year. i got my new sewing machine... a Husqvarna Viking Prelude 370. :D I LOOOOOVVE her. I've named her Kathleen, in honor of Kathleen Turner, husky voiced beauty who shares a quality with my Husky Husqvarna.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Christmas too... :)

In other really great news, Hallmark Magazine has asked me to send them some doorstops so that they can feature them in their April issue. I'm really excited. I am obsessing over the perfect samples to send.

Monday, December 17, 2007

things i wish for that are sh*tty

1. i wish there was a way to ensure that people i know in real life had no access to this blog so i could tell the hilarious/annoying/enraging/ridiculous stories about them without them knowing i dislike or ridicule them. (yes, i'm talking about you; no no, not you though).

2. i wish i had a lot of money so that i could stop worrying about inane things like food or shelter and start buying things! this is a wish outside the wish that is not sh*tty that i have lots of money so i can sponsor children and stuff like that. that's separate, and that's not what this post is about.

3. i wish that i could ram people with my car (don't worry gigs... not innocent people, and not because i was out of control) to teach them a lesson about getting the eff out of the way, and NOT getting behind the wheel if they are SCARED to drive. if you're scared, why then, i'm scared. save yourself, don't drive.

4. i wish that my competition fail. this is harsh, i agree... but how much easier would it be if you didn't have to struggle? i know, i know... competition enhances peoples' skills and ultimately produces a better result. screw it. if you fail, i win. then i can watch do fun things rather than work. which brings me to my next thing:

5. i wish that i had an all weekend babysitter so i could do nothing more than be a glutton... watch an insane amount of multi-parter movies and sleep, rather then make lunch and entertain a 4-year old. i love him and all, and i'd miss him... but mostly i'd just be so chill.

i think that's enough for now. i've outed my horrible side.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

midnight in the garden of what the EFF?

either a: this movie/book is all a lie and i'm offended to have read/watched something so redicuous, or
b: this is all real, and what the hell was that writer from NY thinking treating people like a freak show for all us "northerners" to watch?

YES, i know it's like, 12 years old now, alright?

Custom tote...

i really love this one, shipping it off tomorrow. i may re-create it though for some lucky christmas gift recipients.

IF i make it through these next two weeks, i don't know... i'll be surprised. my next committee meeting is thursday. this is the one where i get to tell my committee that things still aren't working... furthermore how about if i switch the whole thing to talking about stressed embryos and epigenetic effects. :| please? because i have to tell you (them), my control embryos are whacked, and it's all because of the vivarium's stressful (not on purpose) conditions.

what am i talking about? i don't even know.

can't wait for my week off!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

i can't lift my arms.

we got a bazillion cm of snow in the last 2 days. tonight when i got home (sans car) i realized that it was unlikely that my husband would be able to pull in without some sort of really awesome tire-spinning, 'burn down to the pavement', smell up the earth, general embarrassment maneuver. so i decided i would shovel the driveway.

what the HELL was i thinking? who knew snow was so heavy? and since i've been telling my little one that he's too heavy for mommy to carry, i'm a wimpling!

the little muscle adjacent to your armpit and above your breast... that one... it's totally destroyed. i really need to beef up if i'm going to live in a house, and not an apartment complex. woah... take out my own garbage, put it on the curb? where's the 'shoot'? SHOVEL myself out? where's the plow man? damn. and you know what's the worst thing about having all this space? my christmas tree looks dinky. ;) i love it here, i kid.

new line of wristlets... avec embellishments! i know the embellishments are small, but it's a big deal for me! i have a 'clean line' obsession!

we'll see how they do. i've only posted one so far.


Sunday, December 2, 2007

i'm insane.

you haven't heard from me lately.
this is what i've been doing. well... some of what i've been doing. i have 20 of the 50 done.

for the first time ever, i have TOO many orders. i finally broke my own customer service rule, and put up a notice that i can't take start any new orders until December 10th. :( i can't though, between this wholesale order and the existing customs i've got, add in the review article and committee reports i need to get out this week, i just can't do any more.

my little one is mental. he's in some sort of play-doh, meringue, snot, Shrek the 3rd, and sugar covered hysteria. it's been really UNfun. my husband has vowed to care for him and the house this weekend... but like i said, S is insane and out of control and my kitchen has NO clean dishes in it, which enrages me. :( i'm glad he has all this time to watch 3 football games today and none to do dishes. RRRRRRRRRR.

kind of a bummer day, really.

at least tomorrow i get to go to the lab tomorrow, where it's mainly quiet. ;)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

1 down, 49 to go

custom wholesale order. i mentioned it here, and here.

they are for a very nice lady that makes cosmetic products in south western ontario... and she's selling them here. and BEST of all, $2.00 of each purchase made there is donated to childcan. working above a cancer center every day... i can tell you that this is a worthwhile cause. thanks to you, LUVUBEAUTY.

what are they? they are zippered pouches made from dupioni silk, which is an almost iridescent silk fabric and lined with nylon making them perfect for little bits of make up.

now i just need my ZIPPERS to arrive. canada post is making my life quite difficult lately. i realize they've had a huge increase in US to Canada shipments with the increase in the Canadian dollar, especially since it's christmas... but holy crud, some of us are trying to run business.

SCHOOL: well, the embryo culture is working, and i couldn't be happier. i've made up the stock solutions for the 'other' media i'm going to culture in... and so far so good. it also looks like the bisulfite technique we're using is working well also. I HAVE TO WRITE UP A COMMITTEE REPORT AND CALL A MEETING. I HAVE TO FINISH MY DRAFT OF THE REVIEW ARTICLE AND GIVE IT TO MY ADVISOR. whoops, i just let myself panic. cookies?

tomorrow we're going home for thanksgiving. i'm a little concerned about the border wait times... but how the hell else will i get there? i can't wait to see my family for the holiday. which reminds me, better put up an away notice on etsy.

happy american thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

how i hate to see them go.

giga's clutch. actually, i've decided she's going to have to fight me for it. i love this one.

i cleaned all day long. my house is a mess. every time i cleaned something, SOMEONE messed it back up.

if i had chocolate... correction, if i had allowed myself to buy chocolate today at the grocery store, i'd be eating it right now. instead, i bought 6 dried and sugared pineapple chunks (not even whole circles, just chunks). so not satisfying when you want chocolate.

my husband is preparing for a presentation he's doing tomorrow. he's at the "how can i get out of this" stage... that's my favorite one. it comes after "oh my god, this needs so much work" and right before "efff it, it's as good as it's going to be". ahhh, grad school... how i love you.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


sometimes this blog gets off-track, and i have to swerve back into the lane (don't worry giga... i still go the speed limit).

new tote. if this tote sells, i will have to hold a ceremony to say goodbye to it... because it's heavenly.

i'm really excited to get my consignment order together... interested to see how stuff does in a real store. ;)

and the wholesale order... oh wholesale order, how i love/hate ye. tomorrow i am buying the silk, i'll post the progress as it goes. i've never made 50 of anything (no, nothing)... i'm going to treat it assembly style...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i'm trying to be more well rounded

let me preface this with the fact that i'm EXHAUSTED and i've started drinking to ease my pain...

today i attended a conference/meeting type thing... (it's the first day of 3 days) on the... well, it's called 'the "healthy" embryo'. it's the last in a 5 year running meeting and the theme of this year's meeting is about what IS an embryo, what does it MEAN, and what the hell is HEALTHY or NORMAL anyway...

a series of lawyers, art historians, social scientists and otherwise presented a lot of really crucial information to us today. it's really easy to get caught up in the science, and the pathways, and the workings and limits of embryos and assisted reproductive technologies, and other than writing up the grant application perhaps never really thinking about the societal impression or impact on such an activity.

for example, one lawyer from california talked about ownership of an embryo... so, a woman can abort a fetus if it impinges upon her personal freedoms, she can choose to evacuate an unwanted embryo/fetus and choose the outcome (ultimately death), but in a recent case, a procedure in which the fetus was partially born to complete the abortion was challenged, stating that the fetus is no longer her property and her rights subside when it its LOCATION is outside of her body. in this way, legislation seeks to control the rights of an EMBRYO (you may or may not know this, but when a couple goes to a fertility clinic for IVF, many extra embryos are produced for the purpose of not having to go through multiple cycles should the procedure fail... although most women still do, which is not relevant here, point is... there are EXTRA embryos produced). so, these extra embryos, who owns them, who decides their fate, who can have them if the parents don't want them.

a researcher from the UK who looks at the fate of these embryos in switzerland was saying that the couple ultimately decides whether to donate them to research for their destruction or if they are to be destroyed within the facility, or (as most women choose) to have the embryos inserted into their vaginas to die where they would have naturally. we sort of all gasped, but i can see the rationale. anyway...

this is BORING, i realize, but i really loved it. LOVED it... and i feel like i have a broader understanding of the gravity of my work, what it does and does not mean, and how it ultimately impacts society.

Friday, November 9, 2007

things i learned this week:

1. buying all the stuff that goes into the wraps that you buy everyday in the hospital cafeteria so you can make them yourself and save money does NOT work. i nearly gagged both times i tried.

2. embryo culture can work TOO good. they can grow super way too fast... forever confusing you and your ability to graduate continues to dwindle.

3. you CAN stop fighting on a dime so your son doesn't get upset that you bicker constantly. you can, and it's enough to make the fight stop all night. you just... STOP (ie no one wins but your son).

4. buying a sewing machine is, in itself, a PhD project worthy of a dissertation style document outlining the options, pros, cons, and results of such an endeavor.

i think that's all.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

i've been custom-ordering my azz off

maaaaaannnnnnnnnn. how do i explain this?

a. it was so fun to design these items with my customers, and meet their needs. it meant a lot to me to make it perfect for them, and when they loved it... it was the best feeling ever.

b. i'm EXHAUSTED, and i have no stock in my store for 'walk-ins' iff you will

i still have 3 more custom orders to go, plus a consignment order for 10 items as well as a wholesale order for 50.

i am SO screwed. i never imagined that this would be more than a once a week sale type thing. i'm really happy, and i really want to be doing it... but let's take a moment to remember that i'm in school... trying to get a PhD.

on that note, my experiments are finally starting to work after 9 months, and everything is falling into place. it's kind of rediculous, really... everything's started to work out. i know it's due to 9 months of us pulling our hair out and changing small things to make a big impact.

regardless... what the HELL do i do?

science/sewer chicken out.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

okay, so i bummed everyone out last time

i'm SORRY! i won't talk about death anymore. ;)

i'm supah-dupah tired tonight. i am doing a wholesale order. i'm pretty excited. they are zippered pouches in a dupioni silk. i think they'll be really cute.

i'm tired for a change, going to watch iron chef. :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

it's finally over

well... halloween came and went. personally, i hate halloween... and apparently i always have (ask my mother). having a child means you have to act like you like things that you don't, like DORA (why does she yell everything she says) or holidays that suck (halloween).

he had so much fun. he dressed as a skunk, quite a unique costume. no, i didn't sew it... i didn't even buy it, it was a gift from my advisor. but boy, did he rock it. every time he went up to someone's door, he'd give an adorable "trick or treat" with his little chicklet-y smile. then he'd say thank you and before he walked away he'd turn to my sister, my husband, and i and say "let's try another one!"

he seemed content once his little pumpkin bucket was full to head back to the house... and then it was more about how excited he was to give out candy. i've never seen a kid as into giving out candy as him. what a little doll... somehow halloween was better this year that it was any of my previous twenty-mufflealskjd years.

last night i watched "frontline" on PBS. it was about the author of this book called the undertaking by thomas lynch. he is an undertaker, family owned business. amazing show. really... profound what he had to say. i think one of the moments that really went into me was when he talked about burying children. he explains how he never keeps a stock of children's caskets, always orders them as they are needed. he says they're covered in beautiful pink or powder blue crepes. he would estimate size needed by looking at the size of his own children, laying sleeping in their beds. thomas never charged more than wholesale for the caskets, and did the funeral for free, hoping that god would spare him what these parents were going through.

he makes no mistakes about it being a business... he, afterall, has a 'corner on the market' in his town. but he had a special ability to remain reverent, compassionate, and useful during these peoples' times of need. had he discussed how his life was only about helping others, refused to acknowledge the funds transferred during such a time, or acted as though he DIDN'T thank god every time his loved ones were spared, i would have considered him to be quite a fraud and dismissed him. but because he was willing to talk about being an undertaker as a living human and not a facade, i felt for him and trusted him. if nothing else, he did say some very profound things about death and grieving.

i highly recommend reading his book, 'the undertaking', and watching the frontline episode about his work. i was so engaged and amazed, that there were times during the show when i couldn't move or close my eyes, my heart was so wide open.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

please help, need judge

every year for the last 30 years, my family has had a pumpkin carving CONTEST. we would all carve a pumpkin... there are NO rules, and small children draw a design and an adult carves. everyone participates.

the FIRST person to come to the door on halloween night would be the official judge (totally random, you can't cater to the judge so it's anyone's game).

well, THIS year we're out in the country and there will be no trick-or-treaters and in fact, we collectivley live in 3 different houses so...


the FIRST person to post back on the original etsy thread chooses the winner (the competition was FIERCE this year).

thanks for giving someone the power to gloat for one full year.


yours truly,

punchanella and family


this LOOKS like what i want, but it's not.

i need these

but i need them have holes that are threaded, NOT metal stirrup hook thingies. is that so wrong?

i just want to put a rod through the two ends. i just want to make this adorable bag that i am thinking of.

do you sell bamboo handles with holes for a rod? comment me and GIMME.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

5 favorite things

this is not about the stuff we all know about like, "whiskers on kittens", or "raindrops on roses" this is stuff you may or may not know about that is fabulous.

1. iron chef america (the midnight airing). why is this so fab? because it's on EVERY night of the week, including weekends. let me just say i've always been an insomniac, and in the best of times a 'hard to fall asleep-er'. i need to watch tv before i go to bed (i know, 'read a book!' NO. it makes me THINK and if i THINK i don't SLEEP). so where was i? right... it is always on for me to watch before i fall asleep... why else? because it makes me believe i am, in actuality, a 'foodie' because i know the terms and i know the techniques. i wouldn't eat half of it (refusing mushrooms and fish precludes me from eating most foodie foods), but in my fantasy, i would eat it, and i would JUDGE it just like the fat dude that writes for Vogue.

2. drive-thru starbucks. i KNOW that when starbucks was born, it was never meant to be a drive-thru, it goes against its core values (found on page 8 of the employee bible, i've seen it). no, starbucks strives to create an atmosphere, one in which you, as the consumer, are encouraged to chat and have custom orders, and know the staff by name. barf. BARF. i want to be anonymous, i don't want to chat, i want things regular, and damn it, the drive-thru affords me the antisocial-ness that i crave with the tazo chai latte that i need.

3. melamine. it's fabulous, don't start with me.

4. tiny laundry. listen... if i want to wash ALL my clothes, i have to do 3, maybe 4 loads of it. if i want to wash all of my 4 year-old's laundry... i throw it all in at ONCE. that's a savings of 2, maybe 3 loads. seriously, i wish washers were big enough to do that for adults. make sure your little one wears similarly colored items, this does NOT work if you're mixing white with black... word to the wise.

5. hairpins. hairpins, they... i mean hairpins... listen, hairpins are like... okay, hairpins create order where there was chaos, and you know what... that's alright with me.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

it's easy to get caught up on NOTHING

i was just sitting here threading a cord on a shoebag i'm making. my husband finished watching football while he wrote an essay and '60 minutes' came on. i couldn't find the remote so i left it.

it was anderson cooper, and he was talking about plumpy'nut.

plumpy'nut is a ready to eat, preparation-less peanut butter-like substance enriched with vitamins/nutrients... used in famine relief. it's not a bar, it's a paste... which means moms can feed it to infants on the tip of their finger, and the older kids can squeeze it into their mouths.

this product is somehow intimately connected to 'doctors without borders' which i know nothing about save for what med students have raved about. apparently doctors without borders will change your life.

so moms go to the plumpy'nut depot and pick up tubs or packets. i can't sit here and go through all the details of the broadcast, they were sad and inspiring... but i think the grave-digger in niger said it best: he's digging way less graves for small children nowadays.

so: imagine - you get married at 11, you have children by the time you're 15. you have an average of 8 children, and approximately 2 of them will die before they are 5 years old. say what you will about population control, this is these people's LIVES. if your child is malnourished... they may become 'anorexic' by the time they are 1, which means they will have no desire to eat and become listless. then the skin lesions start all over their skinny little arms and they gasp for air until their heart stops (which i've seen in real life, watching a gasping, dying person is no small thing, imagine a child).

PLUMPY'NUT? plumpy'nut. really. i am amazed no one thought of it sooner! it's saving lives. for better or for worse, peanut butter enriched with milk powder is saving lives? my god... every time you DON'T walk miles to get some plumpy'nut to save your babies lives... be thankful.

Friday, October 19, 2007

the goodest way to ruin your hair, straight OR curly

this is my sister. there she is, in line to get on the 'maid of the mist' in niagara falls. minutes prior to this, she spent one full hour flat-ironing her hair. i think we both knew that the 'mist' (which is actually pelting water ball-ettes) would disrupt her hair somewhat. i think we even discussed how we'd have to fix it at the hotel afterward... there was mention of how my hair, naturally curly, would be EXTRA curly; how jealous was she when she realized how much better my hair would look after the boat ride.

however, no one was prepared for what would REALLY happen on that boat that day. they should call it 'maid of the monsoon', because that's what it is. it's worse than that... just WATER would have been one thing, but this was fish water, that's right: water that fish live in/touch. particularly disgusting. she looked like she fell asleep on a wet beach with no blanket, and i looked like those curly haired dogs... portuguese water dog, that's it... after it's been chasing sticks in the river. i'm glad we did it, because now we can say that we did, but our daytime vacation look suffered a great deal.

p.s. the hershey store in the falls is NOT a factory, and the chick at the counter will tell you as much as she asks for the 6 bucks you owe for that chocolate bar. what? yes, 6. there are NO hershey tours, but the guy at the brock will tour you if you want. we didn't want.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

a walk in the woods

i'm blogging too much, because life's been kind of hard lately. not hard like, oh man... i really need to kick this heroin so i can get my kid back and try to shake this chlamydia. not hard like that.

more like, wanting more in life means giving up more in life. it's a weird paradox.

i don't know if i can settle for not having a big career. i chase after this PhD like it's my destiny. is it? i can't devote the time it needs. not because i don't love it and enjoy it, but because my little one needs a mom, and i need to have more in my life. i can't exclusively be any one thing... not just a mother, not just a scientist. i have to have both, you know? so will i ever make it?

add into this mix the fact that my husband has also decided to attack a giant mountain. they guy is working at 4 things at any one time. college teacher, student, independent architect, and family man. he's at his max for time. every time we're in a pinch for money (every month), i tell him... 'me and the little one are fine. you go work, and be strong, and we'll be fine in the end with our bills PAID'. the toll for this is enormous though. the 3 of us need each other, and not just in small scheduled, rushed, half-assed doses. i know we gotta get there to be there, but it's not like in those inspiring movies of hard-working people becoming somebodies. most of the time you're tired, and you wonder, is this right?

i'm not going to change a thing. i know that in order for us to survive both my husband and myself have to be working. not just financially, because i grew up in a home where BOTH of my parents were workers and intellects, and that fed my soul in a way i can't explain. i gotta give THAT to my little one just as much as a PB&J sandwich.

Friday, October 12, 2007

necessity breeds competency

ok, so i was at the lab yesterday and i decided i wanted to apply to trunkt. i got REJECTED once, so i didn't want to screw around and have that happen again, so i had to bring out the big guns.

the big guns being the new clutch. i love this clutch. i'm not sure how well received it will be by customers, but i LOVE it. anyway, i wanted to include it in my portfolio for my trunkt application. however, it has to be connected to your online store in order to use it... so i HAD to put it up on etsy. i was in a rush for 2 reasons... 1. i was at the lab at the time, and i'm always doing 45 things while i'm there, 2. i am hysterical when i decide to do something and i feel that these things cannot wait until a better time. so for that reason, i had to come up with a name, and fast.

thought process:

peep-hole style handles. peeper bag? no. peepshow bag? people will think there's something naked to see. hmmmm, peepy bag? reminds me of the creepy peepy character on boston legal. rehab bag. i love that... but i can see members of the buying public being sensitive to it. amy bag (amy winehouse... get it?). no no, too obscure and EVERYONE names their bags after girls' names. back to peepshow clutch. peep clutch. that's almost cute because it sounds like a bird, but it references peep-hole. PEEP CLUTCH. done.

i put it up, i got lots of views and more than that... I GOT ACCEPTED TO TRUNKT! see my profile here. not only that, but i made a showcase after i got accepted (a collection of things i think are fabulous from other designers that go along with a theme), and it was FEATURED ON THE MAIN PAGE all day (that's it on the picture up there)! soooooooo cool. :)

this is getting ridiculous

necrotic and broken. i'm NEVER going to graduate.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


i made the bag, you know... and it was awful... and i had used up both of those fabrics making a travesty, and i couldn't stand that. i mean, it was really eating me up inside. so i fixed the handle issue and my husband fixed the gaping mouth issue. and now, i think it's my favorite little thing. i just need a name for it. i ordered some nigella fabric which i should get next week. then i will make more of these little lovelies. WHAT AM I GONNA CALL THEM?

here's so more views...

Sunday, October 7, 2007


let's start from the top of the day and work our way down.

1. it's thanksgiving, and it's 89F outside. i roasted a turkey. so. hot. we ate outside, and after dinner S put on his swimsuit and played in the sprinkler. now, WHO remembers a thanksgiving like that? forget it.

2. i have this gift bag that i got a while back that i use to cart around all my etsy product. i like it... it's got a certain charm to it with it's boxy-ness and openness. i figured, how cute would this be if it were scaled to be a clutch??!?!?

so, i figured i would try it out tonight. the pattern i calculated was flawless, and the design was fabulous. HOWEVER, because i spent all day making thanksgiving dinner in a 95F house (no AC!), and i'm exhausted... things went awry when it came to cutting the fabric. here are the errors:

red arrow: messed up the cut out and hole became 2cm too long

black arrow: measurement error leading to the distance being 2" too short. (yes i work in metric and imperial).

so i'm all out of these fabrics and all i've got is a clutch that my husband actually laughed at when he saw... but i can order more, and i can try again when i'm less tired.

happy thanksgiving all!

Friday, October 5, 2007

new ide-ar: the tote. i know you've never heard of a tote.

what do we think? i think i'll be very sad to part with it, and i better get more of this fabric so that i can recreate it for me. i'm getting so needy!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

please pass the homemade cranberges

i can't even talk to you about the lab today, because i'll have a freak out. all i know is that i am DAMN sure i'll be in tears at the next lab meeting, which happens to be tomorrow morning. CRAP.

my inlaws are coming for thanksgiving tomorrow. that's alright. what is NOT alright is how MESSSSSSSSY my house is. i just can't. i can't, and i won't clean it tonight! i'm exhausted. SO TIRED. i have to hope and pray that my husband isn't sick tomorrow and can clean, because even if i wanted to (i do want to), i can't leave school early tomorrow. full day.

something is holding me back from completing the big mouth bags. i keep saying it's the zipper length, but it's not. it's may patience length, which IS a thing. they'll be nice though, i have to get them together!


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

proof that you CAN indeed buy your friends.

MOO cards!!!!! i sent them 20 bucks, they sent me a hundred bidness cards, and look... i'm their new best friend.

now i just have to decide how to allocate my 100 cards. i wish it wasn't this way, but i get really stingy with things like this. if i buy myself a great body scrub, i'll use it once a month, if i get fabulous fabric, i keep it on the shelf as to not 'waste' it. however, all that means is that i can never enjoy what i love. der.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ah, success

i fixed it!

ah, failure.

soooooooo, i had an order for a custom brush roll. i made it (see above) but it's deformed. i don't have any more of that fabric left. AS;KJ;LAKDSJF. you can imagine my frustration. the fabric ripped at one of the corners, and furthermore the inside pockets are crooked. good thing this is a person i know in real life and i can ask to pick another fabric or wait until i get more of this one.

my little one was home sick yesterday. today he's home again, but i'm fairly certain he's totally faking. this is evidenced, i believe, by the fact that he wants to go pick apples, and has eaten a crazy amount of timbits and smile cookies.

he's watching sesame street, and i think tricia yearwood (that's a person, right?) is dealing with the idea of death by singing a song about how her 'friend' is so far away, farther than china and she'll never get to talk to him again. death, right? just say, he's dead. don't lie to children... just explain it how they can understand. hm... now there is a hip hop song talking about numbers. i'd like to be all old and go, 'things have really changed' but remember when we were kids... the songs were contemporary then, so why shouldn't they be now.

wow... today is really rediculous for boring tangents. want to see the most perfectly sewn thing i've ever made? i hope it sells.
alright... you will suffer my minutia no longer.

Friday, September 28, 2007

I am the proud new owner of SKINNY JEANS!

<-----these are them, and YES, that IS me modeling them. here are the disjoint steps leading to them being mine.

1. my sister picked me up, she had on skinny jeans.

2. we drove 30 minutes to get her eyebrows waxed (i guess i understand why when you find someone that makes your eyebrows the right shape, you don't mess with that... you drive to get there)

3. we went to the mall. she tried on 35 (thirty-five) pairs of slouch boots to match her skinny jeans.

(aside: last fall, sister bought a pair of BEAUTIFUL high-heel wedge, brown leather boots from a certain shoe store which will remain nameless (aldo). they were the most amazing thing i'd ever seen, but for 3 bills, never to be mine. then sister destroyed them because she's just like that and had to start over with different boots. so then it's finally end of season, and i see them for half price and buy them up fuh me! fine, fine. so aldo re-did them this year. how this relates is, sister can't stand the slouch boots on her (and i feel her, she did look a little too 'puss in boots'), so to make this long story long, she bought the boots again. now we both have them.)

4. after finding the skinny jeans/boots combo she decided i should at least TRY the jeans to see how they'd look on me since i had the /boots part of the equation. well, we loved them, she bought them for me on a loan (refer to post wherein i was shorted $400/mo). LOAN.

5. so, like i was trying to say... now we both have the skinny jeans/boots combo. regardless, i'm a new woman, a skinny jeans woman. :)

today was pretty fun. fun things included prying her out of a dress that was too small, laughing hysterically at her boyfriend because he insisted that she keep a really ugly box of kleenex in her car (although we totally used it today), hearing stories about how 'liberal' and 'experimental' she's become, digging the zipper out of the zipper crevice so i could get the skinny jeans done up, and finally, eating a frozen smoothie in her apartment even though i was so cold i was shivering because she likes 'breezy nature'.

love you little sistah. see you tomorry.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the good, the bad, and the fugmo.

the good:

zipperstop on ebay. they're in NYC and they're my new bestest friend. for $10, they sent me 100 zippers ranging in color and size (from 4" to 10"). i fondled them for many hours; organizing them by color, then by size, then by color, then no... by size. NOT having to pay $1.50 for every zipper is a dream, and having all these colors at my fingertips helps me to come up with combinations of fabric and zipper that i would have never imagined possible had i been struggling to keep a (now) 4 year-old in check while i picked the color of zipper in a store where clearly everyone was convinced i was a terrible parent ('S, i'll give you chocolate if you STOP touching things, mommy's almost done!'). so maybe that last part wasn't related. all i'm saying is, i will always and forever buy my zippers in this way.

the bad: i'm not sure why everyone hates my fabric covered journals, but they seem to. this is 2nd of 4. i have only posted one online. it doesn't get many views, and i've already decreased the price by $5. :(

the fugmo: WHAT is this? okay, it may not look that bad from the outside, but on the inside, it was a nightmare. i tried putting in some bias tape to hide the edges, but then it looked worse. it's a new design i'm trying. 'big mouth bags'. i want to make a bag that opens up NICE and wide so you can actually get your stuff out. prototype 1: FAILED. i will work on it again tonight. i think they'll be great once i get it worked out. :)


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

sometimes it's so cute i think i'm going to die.

That's why it's so hard to be a parent. That and having to make serious decisions that will alter the life of another person dramatically, like, what school should he go to, and can he have a mohawk?

He was pretty excited to see it though! And he was real cute riding it around. He's still not able to pedal really, and actually I'm worried he'll fall off when he does. But, it's all part of growing up. He's so tall, he needed the big bike, but developmentally he's still newly 4. God take care of my baby!

It was fun though, and it was fun to have the whole family over to celebrate. Now that he's older he really enjoys holidays and celebrations. Time to have another. Wait. Not time to have another. Must. Finish. Degree.

Believe it or not another gear broke on my sewing machine. The difference is that this time it's an easy fix. I know what I'm doing, I know where to get the part, and I know it's easy. I need a new machine.

I'm designing a new bag. I can't wait to put it up on etsy. The prototype certainly isn't sellable, but the final design looks great. Now if only my machine was running.

Monday, September 24, 2007

what the H is everyone talking about fall is finally here. i've been reading all these things about people drinking cider and making soups and boiling cinnamon water on the woodstove. it's 27C in my house right now and it smells like new bike tires (which is DISGUSTING). i'm roasting, my head hurts, and i'm already late for parent-teacher night but i'm so excited for Sam to come home from school and see his new bike with a big purple bow on it!

still, i'm very nauseated. don't you feel crazy when you have a hectic day? i feel crazy.

i'll have to take lots of pictures of the birthday boy. right now i'm going to go try to relax.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


i sold things. lots of things!

my sister took my stuff out for dinner with her and her friends and sold ALL my card pouches plus 2 more custom ones (that's 7), one wristlet, a little stuffs bag, and a zippered pouch! :D she's the sales-lady from heaven. i'm serious.

in addition, i put up a new product, a fabric doorstop. it's inspired by lotta's design, but i felt it was a little too large, and i thought it might be nice fore a bit more taper at the top. as well, it really needed a zipper so that it could be filled, emptied, washed, refilled, etc. etc. it sold in 20 minutes! i don't expect another to sell that quick again, probably just luck but i'm going to put up another one today. my husband is watching football for 12 hours straight today, so in exchange he's going to watch the little one while i sew.

lastly, i sold the denim little stuffs bag, a zippered pouch and one custom wristlet online. thank you etsy!

alright, i'm sure i just bored you to death, but i am SO excited. i bought all kinds of new fabrics (15 designer prints to be exact). can't wait to make some more!

so, the little one's birthday party is tomorrow. it's also our first parent-teacher night. i'm a little nervous, because i have never been very excited about other people's opinions of my son or my parenting, but it does take more than one person (or 2 parents) to raise a child. she just better not be anal, because then i lose it. LOSE it.

we tried out bikes yesterday, and surprisingly enough, he's big enough for a 16 incher. i'm really surprised. the training wheels aren't too wobbly either, so we're going to pick it up for him tomorrow and give it to him after school. i can't wait!

currently, he's throwing a tantrum on the floor in front of me. sigh. he was building a 'couch' out of cardboard bricks, and when it didn't hold him (go figure, they slid out from under him), he went ape shit. i mean ape poop (we're also NOT saying anymore bad words since we caught him trying some out this morning when no one was around).

anyway, tomorrow goes like this: 1. lab to do a restriction enzyme digest, 2. send out purchased items to buyers, 3. pick up birthday bike and snacks for the get together, 4. back to lab to set up matings, 5. dinner, 6. parent teacher night, 7. let the birthday celebration commence! long day.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

i can't remember 4, but i'm sure it was a magical age

my son is turning 4 next week. he's been waiting for 'september' since july. everytime i say, "it's your birthday next week!" he replies with "NO! it's in september".

problem... he wants a 'bike and a helmet'. i personally think he's too young, but my husband feels that he's ready for a 2-wheeler. okay, i was too nice... i think my husband is insane. he's getting older, but not old enough. if i had my way, and all things were possible, i'd get him a 'bigwheel'. REMEMBER THOSE? ah, those were awesome. although, everytime i think of them i'm reminded of the scene from 'the shining'... you know what i'm talking about. i looked for them online, i found one, but it's shipping from the states, and damn if it doesn't take 43,000 days to get here. IT'S NOT LIKE I LIVE IN THE ARCTIC.

anyway, the issue is still up in the air (how he'll ride a bike in the winter i'll never know).

craftwise? i gave my sister a bunch of my stuff to take to school to see if anyone wanted it. she called me earlier this evening (to remind me that my husband is crazy for wanting to get our son a 2-wheeler I KNOW THAT ALREADY), and she didn't mention the stuff, so i'm going to assume it didn't sell today. maybe tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2 things.

thing 1. i have figured out a way to make my life even MORE easy. these card pouches are super great. i loved getting it out to take down to the Tim Horton's for my coffee. Now, if I could only convince my husband to use one (i'd get 'manly' fabric, people) i'd never have to deal with his card 'not swiping'.

i know i'm mental, but i swear to god, i would keep my chapstick it its own fabric pouch if i could.

thing 2. i'm seriously broken hearted. love? nah, screw that... that's just annoying (i'm NOT newly married, so i can say that). no... this broken heart is from the disgusting ability of UNIVERSITIES to put greed ahead of education at every turn. today i got an email informing me that my stipend will be decreased by $400/mo. that's right, FOUR HUNDRED. the ironic thing is this change was originally called 'FREE TUITION!'. but what free tuition means, is... now we take it out of your monthly stipend, and the 'scholarship' that DID pay your tuition for real is now OVER AND DONE. THAAAAAAAAAAAANKS.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

if it's the bacteria's fault, then IT shouldn't graduate

amongst other things that, most likely are not your cup of tea, i spend a great deal of time in the lab culturing bacteria...

i have to say that they are making me irate. maybe i'm wrong. maybe i shouldn't blame those poor little hard-workers. maybe i should blame the gene i'm trying to clone. regardless, i'm experiencing some very difficult times in the lab.

anyway, i'm tired. i sewed credit-card pouches. i have to get those up on etsy. so. very. tired.