Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i feel kinda guilty.

all is well with the sewing machine. allen key did the trick. i may or may have asked someone online for help, who told me i needed to replace the gear. because i didn't WANT to replace it, and it the timing was simply off, i used their instructions to fix it, without purchasing the gear. i feel that information should be free... really. but i still feel bad.

regardless, everything's working! i got an old desk (a ginormous old desk) from my parents' newly acquired farm. the previous "owners" (deadbeats that skipped out on 4 mortgages) were antique dealers and there's some pretty good stuff left. i'll show you the trimming corner thingers i saved later, they're neat but i have NO idea what to do with them. anyway, old desk. so i painted it up (i spilled the can on my yoga pants. minutes earlier i said to myself, 'you should take these pants off or you'll wreck them' and then BLAMMO... oil pant dumped on them, they now live in the trash). it's actually a great size, lots of room for fabric and things you do to fabric, like measuring, cutting and sewing.

i hate fabricland. i just have to say it. unless you're 80 years old, the selection HERE anyway is limited. i guess it's good for things you can't mess up, like denims or canvas. but recently i've become OBSESSED with fabric. i look at it online all day and all night, and i even DREAM about it, i kid you not.

after literally 3 weeks of obsessing, i've finally made my first online fabric purchase.

i bought some fat quarters from someone on etsy. they are pretty patterns that are mostly blue and beige (amy butler and joel dewberry). i know it's not YARDAGE, but it's a start... especially since all these beautiful fabrics are sight unseen.

i did, however, buy a WHOLE yard of alexander henry's apples and pears in brown. i'm not sure what i'll do with it yet. perhaps an apron, perhaps a lunch bag, perhaps it will sit folded on my big desk so i can be in it's glory. i'm just relieved that i finally bought something, so i can stop dreaming at night about what i'll buy.

Friday, August 10, 2007

tragedy strikes stylie

i really liked the all day tote a lot and it was easy to make, so i started making myself one out of a beautiful grey wool. then... and this is hard for me to talk about... stylie... she, stopped working.

after a lot of research into the issue and sewing machine parts strewn across the table in an organized way i determined the problem (recall: intense curiosity). i don't have a hundred bucks to get it fixed by a professional.

if i had the properly sized allen key, i'm sure the problem would be fixed right now. i need to adjust the hook timing (whatever that is). my husband said it was too late to drive across the city to get the allen keys from the lab i'm a grad student in to do it. i resisted, but he's totally right. tomorrow.

i can sew.

i bought books. for my 29th birthday recently my grandpa gave me a crisp twenty (which made both of us cry, he's on a very fixed income). i ran straight out and bought Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing.

first i made the door stop for my husband (a week prior i had gotten locked in his basement office because our 3 year-old son closed the door and it doesn't open from the inside... so problem remedied).

then i made the simple tote bag for for my son, because he was such a good little guy at the fabric store and had picked an elephant print fabric that he liked.

i started to feel pretty good about my skills and made the all day tote for myself, but my sister came over and liked it... so now it's hers.

this book is great. i suppose if you had never seen ANY sewing what-so-ever you'd wish you had more initial basic instructions (luckily i took sewing in middle school... thank you mrs. idon'trememberyourname... job well done because i knew more than i thought). but, the projects are easy, useful and down-right adorable.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

i come from a long line of...

there are a lot of lessons about being female that i credit my maternal family line with teaching me... some of my favorites being: intense curiosity is a must, a healthy mixture of positive attitude and cynicism makes you the perfect package, the idea that we CAN carry everything ourselves but that our men SHOULD help anyway, that women should be feminine but never weak or limited, and a fierce love for family is what life is all about. but sewing... or any crafting for that matter, wasn't one of the lessons bestowed upon me.

i don't care what anybody tells you... everyone has to have busy hands.

in 1970-somthing-er-other my mother or aunt would have been a certain age at which they were required to do sewing in some capacity for school. no one knows for sure how the Singer Stylist 534 came to be a possession in the household (my grandma would know, but she's gone now and lately i realize she had ALL the information). point is, my grandparents got a sewing machine to make this task easier (another maternal line lesson: always buy equipment/books/supplies every time you are required to do something new). sadly, the machine never came back out to witness the 80's or otherwise.

creativity has to come out... a psychic told me that once. it doesn't seem that profound but if you know me, you'd know that i fight it all the time.

i've decided to start sewing. i snagged the sewing machine out of the upstairs storage at my mom's, and brought little stylie home. she's old... but wise! she's less attractive than a new model... but sturdy! she's limited in function... but proficient at what she can do.

i start a lot of things, i rarely finish them.