Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i feel kinda guilty.

all is well with the sewing machine. allen key did the trick. i may or may have asked someone online for help, who told me i needed to replace the gear. because i didn't WANT to replace it, and it the timing was simply off, i used their instructions to fix it, without purchasing the gear. i feel that information should be free... really. but i still feel bad.

regardless, everything's working! i got an old desk (a ginormous old desk) from my parents' newly acquired farm. the previous "owners" (deadbeats that skipped out on 4 mortgages) were antique dealers and there's some pretty good stuff left. i'll show you the trimming corner thingers i saved later, they're neat but i have NO idea what to do with them. anyway, old desk. so i painted it up (i spilled the can on my yoga pants. minutes earlier i said to myself, 'you should take these pants off or you'll wreck them' and then BLAMMO... oil pant dumped on them, they now live in the trash). it's actually a great size, lots of room for fabric and things you do to fabric, like measuring, cutting and sewing.

i hate fabricland. i just have to say it. unless you're 80 years old, the selection HERE anyway is limited. i guess it's good for things you can't mess up, like denims or canvas. but recently i've become OBSESSED with fabric. i look at it online all day and all night, and i even DREAM about it, i kid you not.

after literally 3 weeks of obsessing, i've finally made my first online fabric purchase.

i bought some fat quarters from someone on etsy. they are pretty patterns that are mostly blue and beige (amy butler and joel dewberry). i know it's not YARDAGE, but it's a start... especially since all these beautiful fabrics are sight unseen.

i did, however, buy a WHOLE yard of alexander henry's apples and pears in brown. i'm not sure what i'll do with it yet. perhaps an apron, perhaps a lunch bag, perhaps it will sit folded on my big desk so i can be in it's glory. i'm just relieved that i finally bought something, so i can stop dreaming at night about what i'll buy.

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