Friday, September 28, 2007

I am the proud new owner of SKINNY JEANS!

<-----these are them, and YES, that IS me modeling them. here are the disjoint steps leading to them being mine.

1. my sister picked me up, she had on skinny jeans.

2. we drove 30 minutes to get her eyebrows waxed (i guess i understand why when you find someone that makes your eyebrows the right shape, you don't mess with that... you drive to get there)

3. we went to the mall. she tried on 35 (thirty-five) pairs of slouch boots to match her skinny jeans.

(aside: last fall, sister bought a pair of BEAUTIFUL high-heel wedge, brown leather boots from a certain shoe store which will remain nameless (aldo). they were the most amazing thing i'd ever seen, but for 3 bills, never to be mine. then sister destroyed them because she's just like that and had to start over with different boots. so then it's finally end of season, and i see them for half price and buy them up fuh me! fine, fine. so aldo re-did them this year. how this relates is, sister can't stand the slouch boots on her (and i feel her, she did look a little too 'puss in boots'), so to make this long story long, she bought the boots again. now we both have them.)

4. after finding the skinny jeans/boots combo she decided i should at least TRY the jeans to see how they'd look on me since i had the /boots part of the equation. well, we loved them, she bought them for me on a loan (refer to post wherein i was shorted $400/mo). LOAN.

5. so, like i was trying to say... now we both have the skinny jeans/boots combo. regardless, i'm a new woman, a skinny jeans woman. :)

today was pretty fun. fun things included prying her out of a dress that was too small, laughing hysterically at her boyfriend because he insisted that she keep a really ugly box of kleenex in her car (although we totally used it today), hearing stories about how 'liberal' and 'experimental' she's become, digging the zipper out of the zipper crevice so i could get the skinny jeans done up, and finally, eating a frozen smoothie in her apartment even though i was so cold i was shivering because she likes 'breezy nature'.

love you little sistah. see you tomorry.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the good, the bad, and the fugmo.

the good:

zipperstop on ebay. they're in NYC and they're my new bestest friend. for $10, they sent me 100 zippers ranging in color and size (from 4" to 10"). i fondled them for many hours; organizing them by color, then by size, then by color, then no... by size. NOT having to pay $1.50 for every zipper is a dream, and having all these colors at my fingertips helps me to come up with combinations of fabric and zipper that i would have never imagined possible had i been struggling to keep a (now) 4 year-old in check while i picked the color of zipper in a store where clearly everyone was convinced i was a terrible parent ('S, i'll give you chocolate if you STOP touching things, mommy's almost done!'). so maybe that last part wasn't related. all i'm saying is, i will always and forever buy my zippers in this way.

the bad: i'm not sure why everyone hates my fabric covered journals, but they seem to. this is 2nd of 4. i have only posted one online. it doesn't get many views, and i've already decreased the price by $5. :(

the fugmo: WHAT is this? okay, it may not look that bad from the outside, but on the inside, it was a nightmare. i tried putting in some bias tape to hide the edges, but then it looked worse. it's a new design i'm trying. 'big mouth bags'. i want to make a bag that opens up NICE and wide so you can actually get your stuff out. prototype 1: FAILED. i will work on it again tonight. i think they'll be great once i get it worked out. :)


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

sometimes it's so cute i think i'm going to die.

That's why it's so hard to be a parent. That and having to make serious decisions that will alter the life of another person dramatically, like, what school should he go to, and can he have a mohawk?

He was pretty excited to see it though! And he was real cute riding it around. He's still not able to pedal really, and actually I'm worried he'll fall off when he does. But, it's all part of growing up. He's so tall, he needed the big bike, but developmentally he's still newly 4. God take care of my baby!

It was fun though, and it was fun to have the whole family over to celebrate. Now that he's older he really enjoys holidays and celebrations. Time to have another. Wait. Not time to have another. Must. Finish. Degree.

Believe it or not another gear broke on my sewing machine. The difference is that this time it's an easy fix. I know what I'm doing, I know where to get the part, and I know it's easy. I need a new machine.

I'm designing a new bag. I can't wait to put it up on etsy. The prototype certainly isn't sellable, but the final design looks great. Now if only my machine was running.

Monday, September 24, 2007

what the H is everyone talking about fall is finally here. i've been reading all these things about people drinking cider and making soups and boiling cinnamon water on the woodstove. it's 27C in my house right now and it smells like new bike tires (which is DISGUSTING). i'm roasting, my head hurts, and i'm already late for parent-teacher night but i'm so excited for Sam to come home from school and see his new bike with a big purple bow on it!

still, i'm very nauseated. don't you feel crazy when you have a hectic day? i feel crazy.

i'll have to take lots of pictures of the birthday boy. right now i'm going to go try to relax.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


i sold things. lots of things!

my sister took my stuff out for dinner with her and her friends and sold ALL my card pouches plus 2 more custom ones (that's 7), one wristlet, a little stuffs bag, and a zippered pouch! :D she's the sales-lady from heaven. i'm serious.

in addition, i put up a new product, a fabric doorstop. it's inspired by lotta's design, but i felt it was a little too large, and i thought it might be nice fore a bit more taper at the top. as well, it really needed a zipper so that it could be filled, emptied, washed, refilled, etc. etc. it sold in 20 minutes! i don't expect another to sell that quick again, probably just luck but i'm going to put up another one today. my husband is watching football for 12 hours straight today, so in exchange he's going to watch the little one while i sew.

lastly, i sold the denim little stuffs bag, a zippered pouch and one custom wristlet online. thank you etsy!

alright, i'm sure i just bored you to death, but i am SO excited. i bought all kinds of new fabrics (15 designer prints to be exact). can't wait to make some more!

so, the little one's birthday party is tomorrow. it's also our first parent-teacher night. i'm a little nervous, because i have never been very excited about other people's opinions of my son or my parenting, but it does take more than one person (or 2 parents) to raise a child. she just better not be anal, because then i lose it. LOSE it.

we tried out bikes yesterday, and surprisingly enough, he's big enough for a 16 incher. i'm really surprised. the training wheels aren't too wobbly either, so we're going to pick it up for him tomorrow and give it to him after school. i can't wait!

currently, he's throwing a tantrum on the floor in front of me. sigh. he was building a 'couch' out of cardboard bricks, and when it didn't hold him (go figure, they slid out from under him), he went ape shit. i mean ape poop (we're also NOT saying anymore bad words since we caught him trying some out this morning when no one was around).

anyway, tomorrow goes like this: 1. lab to do a restriction enzyme digest, 2. send out purchased items to buyers, 3. pick up birthday bike and snacks for the get together, 4. back to lab to set up matings, 5. dinner, 6. parent teacher night, 7. let the birthday celebration commence! long day.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

i can't remember 4, but i'm sure it was a magical age

my son is turning 4 next week. he's been waiting for 'september' since july. everytime i say, "it's your birthday next week!" he replies with "NO! it's in september".

problem... he wants a 'bike and a helmet'. i personally think he's too young, but my husband feels that he's ready for a 2-wheeler. okay, i was too nice... i think my husband is insane. he's getting older, but not old enough. if i had my way, and all things were possible, i'd get him a 'bigwheel'. REMEMBER THOSE? ah, those were awesome. although, everytime i think of them i'm reminded of the scene from 'the shining'... you know what i'm talking about. i looked for them online, i found one, but it's shipping from the states, and damn if it doesn't take 43,000 days to get here. IT'S NOT LIKE I LIVE IN THE ARCTIC.

anyway, the issue is still up in the air (how he'll ride a bike in the winter i'll never know).

craftwise? i gave my sister a bunch of my stuff to take to school to see if anyone wanted it. she called me earlier this evening (to remind me that my husband is crazy for wanting to get our son a 2-wheeler I KNOW THAT ALREADY), and she didn't mention the stuff, so i'm going to assume it didn't sell today. maybe tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2 things.

thing 1. i have figured out a way to make my life even MORE easy. these card pouches are super great. i loved getting it out to take down to the Tim Horton's for my coffee. Now, if I could only convince my husband to use one (i'd get 'manly' fabric, people) i'd never have to deal with his card 'not swiping'.

i know i'm mental, but i swear to god, i would keep my chapstick it its own fabric pouch if i could.

thing 2. i'm seriously broken hearted. love? nah, screw that... that's just annoying (i'm NOT newly married, so i can say that). no... this broken heart is from the disgusting ability of UNIVERSITIES to put greed ahead of education at every turn. today i got an email informing me that my stipend will be decreased by $400/mo. that's right, FOUR HUNDRED. the ironic thing is this change was originally called 'FREE TUITION!'. but what free tuition means, is... now we take it out of your monthly stipend, and the 'scholarship' that DID pay your tuition for real is now OVER AND DONE. THAAAAAAAAAAAANKS.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

if it's the bacteria's fault, then IT shouldn't graduate

amongst other things that, most likely are not your cup of tea, i spend a great deal of time in the lab culturing bacteria...

i have to say that they are making me irate. maybe i'm wrong. maybe i shouldn't blame those poor little hard-workers. maybe i should blame the gene i'm trying to clone. regardless, i'm experiencing some very difficult times in the lab.

anyway, i'm tired. i sewed credit-card pouches. i have to get those up on etsy. so. very. tired.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

so exhausted, wrists cracking

whoooo. i put in a hard days work of trying to network. i've been online all day, and i have a touchpad mouse on my laptop... my wrist is killing me. i added myself to some search engines and stuff like that... we'll see what happens. this is all very new to me.

i've been doing applique. mostly because i love embroidery... been doing it since i was a child, for real. there's no real value in a chick that can embroider anymore... but the felt applique may have more appeal.

everytime i make one, my son goes, "is this for ME?" with a big smile on his face, and then i'm forced to say "um, yea" and then i have to start over. by the way, i hate that one i put up, but it's nearly the only one i have left.

anyway, i can't be on this laptop anymore. going to go perform a lost art.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

let downs and get back ups

ahhhhhh, what to say, what to say.

things are going like CRAP at the lab. mostly because i can't stand to be there, emotionally. i'll tell you one thing, research is ALL about 'let downs' and 'get back ups'.

sewing, that's never like that. okay, it totally is. today i ripped the zipper seams on this bag approximately 45 bo-zillion times. in the end though, it turned out nice. i have to say, if there were a competition in my mind (there is) between amy butler and denyse schmidt... the winner would be denyse. her fabrics feel better, and actually, i think i dig the patterns a little better too. i need to get some more.

the other thing i've started on are wristlets. my sister bought me a coach wristlet for my birthday a year ago. she CHANGED my life when she did that. they are the most useful thing ever. previous to her buying me the thing, i literally walked around with a black mesh zipper bag that i got when i bought my diaper bag. it was pathetic, but i needed a small bag to go inside a bigger bag that had all my essential items. so, i designed one out of fabric that serves the same purpose, and the great thing is that, unlike the coach one, they're cheap so you can afford to buy a fabric that you like now for this season, and change it up later. :) i think i am going to make one for every outfit i have.

science chicken out.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

i am victorious.

i won't bore you with the gory details (and they were gory, complete with a tear), but suffice to say my sewing machine is working again, and it only cost me $32.00. :) there's something wrong with the tension still, but i fear that will never be fixed. i'm saving up for a new machine. not really, but it's in my mind. i gots no extra dough.

i made something i like. i found these journals at chapters. they are by pop ink. really cute. but i upped it a little by adding a fabric cover with a button closure. now not only is it cute, but it's a textural experience as well. i have to make some more, they were easy enough to design once i got the sizes of the fabric to fit snug as a bug... i wasted some good amy butler fabric though, figuring it out. :(

anyway. i feel much better. so to celebrate, i made myself a pincushion (the only thing i've made that i am keeping/not giving away/not selling). that's pathetic.

:) alright, time to get cleaned up for the party i have to go to. if i see people at the lab, i like to see them at the lab only, not socially... but my advisor is hosting it, therefore i am obligated to go. oh well, i love that woman. she's smart as hell, hard working, and lives solely on chocolate and salt. my kind of lady.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

i should put this much mental energy into my research

edit (dec 31 07) i have made a new post with tips on the singer stylist 534; go here.
i realize i talk about broken sewing machines all the time... but to put it in perspective for you:

this photo represents my recent fabric purchases. more than that, it represents my hopes/dreams. okay, but it does represent my personal satisfaction and enjoyment. i can't BELIEVE that i can't sew.

i took my machine to a sewing machine repairman. he said that i'd be better off to buy a new one (he's also a sewing machine salesman). he's going to charge me $160 to change the gears (eyes pop out of head). then he tells me furthermore, what i really need is a serger (eyes crying).

anyway, i talked to the guy a little, and he finally admitted that if i was able to adjust the gears to put the timing back in line, that i can likely figure out how to change the feed gears as well... but he's not going to show me how to do it. WHATEV.

so, i'm just going to buy the gears and do it. i'm sure i can pull it off, and if i can't then i'll take it to him (aside: why do some men wear their pants up to their necks? ew).

i'm sure a new sewing machine would be just lovely, but i don't have $500 for it and there's no point in buying a junk one. singer stylist 534... you'll be healthy again, i'm sure of it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007



i have to take my sewing machine in for service. i GIVE UP. things keep breaking. i keep macgyver-ing them. but NO MORE. today, the feed dogs stopped feeding. i had to take a hot bath to relax and NOT throw the machine out the window.

so, tomorrow i'll call the service place and finally admit to a professional that i don't know how to sew.


however, i put some stuff on etsy (I LOVE YOU ETSY)... and i finally sold something after only a week! i sent it out today. it was exciting, but now i feel a little sad everyday when something isn't purchased. it's like a drug.

i also finally received all my new delicious fabric and i'm SO ready to sew it. but like i said, my sewing machine is broke. time to drink and ease the pain. for serious.