Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2 things.

thing 1. i have figured out a way to make my life even MORE easy. these card pouches are super great. i loved getting it out to take down to the Tim Horton's for my coffee. Now, if I could only convince my husband to use one (i'd get 'manly' fabric, people) i'd never have to deal with his card 'not swiping'.

i know i'm mental, but i swear to god, i would keep my chapstick it its own fabric pouch if i could.

thing 2. i'm seriously broken hearted. love? nah, screw that... that's just annoying (i'm NOT newly married, so i can say that). no... this broken heart is from the disgusting ability of UNIVERSITIES to put greed ahead of education at every turn. today i got an email informing me that my stipend will be decreased by $400/mo. that's right, FOUR HUNDRED. the ironic thing is this change was originally called 'FREE TUITION!'. but what free tuition means, is... now we take it out of your monthly stipend, and the 'scholarship' that DID pay your tuition for real is now OVER AND DONE. THAAAAAAAAAAAANKS.

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