Wednesday, September 12, 2007

let downs and get back ups

ahhhhhh, what to say, what to say.

things are going like CRAP at the lab. mostly because i can't stand to be there, emotionally. i'll tell you one thing, research is ALL about 'let downs' and 'get back ups'.

sewing, that's never like that. okay, it totally is. today i ripped the zipper seams on this bag approximately 45 bo-zillion times. in the end though, it turned out nice. i have to say, if there were a competition in my mind (there is) between amy butler and denyse schmidt... the winner would be denyse. her fabrics feel better, and actually, i think i dig the patterns a little better too. i need to get some more.

the other thing i've started on are wristlets. my sister bought me a coach wristlet for my birthday a year ago. she CHANGED my life when she did that. they are the most useful thing ever. previous to her buying me the thing, i literally walked around with a black mesh zipper bag that i got when i bought my diaper bag. it was pathetic, but i needed a small bag to go inside a bigger bag that had all my essential items. so, i designed one out of fabric that serves the same purpose, and the great thing is that, unlike the coach one, they're cheap so you can afford to buy a fabric that you like now for this season, and change it up later. :) i think i am going to make one for every outfit i have.

science chicken out.

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