Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the good, the bad, and the fugmo.

the good:

zipperstop on ebay. they're in NYC and they're my new bestest friend. for $10, they sent me 100 zippers ranging in color and size (from 4" to 10"). i fondled them for many hours; organizing them by color, then by size, then by color, then no... by size. NOT having to pay $1.50 for every zipper is a dream, and having all these colors at my fingertips helps me to come up with combinations of fabric and zipper that i would have never imagined possible had i been struggling to keep a (now) 4 year-old in check while i picked the color of zipper in a store where clearly everyone was convinced i was a terrible parent ('S, i'll give you chocolate if you STOP touching things, mommy's almost done!'). so maybe that last part wasn't related. all i'm saying is, i will always and forever buy my zippers in this way.

the bad: i'm not sure why everyone hates my fabric covered journals, but they seem to. this is 2nd of 4. i have only posted one online. it doesn't get many views, and i've already decreased the price by $5. :(

the fugmo: WHAT is this? okay, it may not look that bad from the outside, but on the inside, it was a nightmare. i tried putting in some bias tape to hide the edges, but then it looked worse. it's a new design i'm trying. 'big mouth bags'. i want to make a bag that opens up NICE and wide so you can actually get your stuff out. prototype 1: FAILED. i will work on it again tonight. i think they'll be great once i get it worked out. :)



Anonymous said...

"the good,the bad, and the fugmo..." love the blog. Too flipping funny. k. but one does have to ask themselves do with a big mouth bag?


Anonymous said...

+ " with a"
I am such a dweeb

Punchanella said...

it's okay rome, i got your drift. and to answer your question, the bags will be great because you can open them up nice and wide to get the contents out, rather than digging with only your forfinger and thumb like some sort of crab. :)

beornica said...

Those bigmouth bags will be awesome once you get the pattern set!
And about the bad - try listing another one! It's great idea... oooh, especially in a super touchable suedey kinda fabric... don't give up on it!

Punchanella said...

great idea beornica! i happen to have some luxurious (i think) velvety fabric. a luxe journal... now that's an idea!


alicia said...

i love your fabrique covered journals - but you refuse to let me buy ANYTHING!

movie reeeeeel!