Friday, September 28, 2007

I am the proud new owner of SKINNY JEANS!

<-----these are them, and YES, that IS me modeling them. here are the disjoint steps leading to them being mine.

1. my sister picked me up, she had on skinny jeans.

2. we drove 30 minutes to get her eyebrows waxed (i guess i understand why when you find someone that makes your eyebrows the right shape, you don't mess with that... you drive to get there)

3. we went to the mall. she tried on 35 (thirty-five) pairs of slouch boots to match her skinny jeans.

(aside: last fall, sister bought a pair of BEAUTIFUL high-heel wedge, brown leather boots from a certain shoe store which will remain nameless (aldo). they were the most amazing thing i'd ever seen, but for 3 bills, never to be mine. then sister destroyed them because she's just like that and had to start over with different boots. so then it's finally end of season, and i see them for half price and buy them up fuh me! fine, fine. so aldo re-did them this year. how this relates is, sister can't stand the slouch boots on her (and i feel her, she did look a little too 'puss in boots'), so to make this long story long, she bought the boots again. now we both have them.)

4. after finding the skinny jeans/boots combo she decided i should at least TRY the jeans to see how they'd look on me since i had the /boots part of the equation. well, we loved them, she bought them for me on a loan (refer to post wherein i was shorted $400/mo). LOAN.

5. so, like i was trying to say... now we both have the skinny jeans/boots combo. regardless, i'm a new woman, a skinny jeans woman. :)

today was pretty fun. fun things included prying her out of a dress that was too small, laughing hysterically at her boyfriend because he insisted that she keep a really ugly box of kleenex in her car (although we totally used it today), hearing stories about how 'liberal' and 'experimental' she's become, digging the zipper out of the zipper crevice so i could get the skinny jeans done up, and finally, eating a frozen smoothie in her apartment even though i was so cold i was shivering because she likes 'breezy nature'.

love you little sistah. see you tomorry.

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alicia said...

i will never own anything "skinny". why don't they make fat jeans?