Saturday, September 8, 2007

i am victorious.

i won't bore you with the gory details (and they were gory, complete with a tear), but suffice to say my sewing machine is working again, and it only cost me $32.00. :) there's something wrong with the tension still, but i fear that will never be fixed. i'm saving up for a new machine. not really, but it's in my mind. i gots no extra dough.

i made something i like. i found these journals at chapters. they are by pop ink. really cute. but i upped it a little by adding a fabric cover with a button closure. now not only is it cute, but it's a textural experience as well. i have to make some more, they were easy enough to design once i got the sizes of the fabric to fit snug as a bug... i wasted some good amy butler fabric though, figuring it out. :(

anyway. i feel much better. so to celebrate, i made myself a pincushion (the only thing i've made that i am keeping/not giving away/not selling). that's pathetic.

:) alright, time to get cleaned up for the party i have to go to. if i see people at the lab, i like to see them at the lab only, not socially... but my advisor is hosting it, therefore i am obligated to go. oh well, i love that woman. she's smart as hell, hard working, and lives solely on chocolate and salt. my kind of lady.

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