Thursday, September 20, 2007

i can't remember 4, but i'm sure it was a magical age

my son is turning 4 next week. he's been waiting for 'september' since july. everytime i say, "it's your birthday next week!" he replies with "NO! it's in september".

problem... he wants a 'bike and a helmet'. i personally think he's too young, but my husband feels that he's ready for a 2-wheeler. okay, i was too nice... i think my husband is insane. he's getting older, but not old enough. if i had my way, and all things were possible, i'd get him a 'bigwheel'. REMEMBER THOSE? ah, those were awesome. although, everytime i think of them i'm reminded of the scene from 'the shining'... you know what i'm talking about. i looked for them online, i found one, but it's shipping from the states, and damn if it doesn't take 43,000 days to get here. IT'S NOT LIKE I LIVE IN THE ARCTIC.

anyway, the issue is still up in the air (how he'll ride a bike in the winter i'll never know).

craftwise? i gave my sister a bunch of my stuff to take to school to see if anyone wanted it. she called me earlier this evening (to remind me that my husband is crazy for wanting to get our son a 2-wheeler I KNOW THAT ALREADY), and she didn't mention the stuff, so i'm going to assume it didn't sell today. maybe tomorrow!

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