Thursday, September 6, 2007

i should put this much mental energy into my research

edit (dec 31 07) i have made a new post with tips on the singer stylist 534; go here.
i realize i talk about broken sewing machines all the time... but to put it in perspective for you:

this photo represents my recent fabric purchases. more than that, it represents my hopes/dreams. okay, but it does represent my personal satisfaction and enjoyment. i can't BELIEVE that i can't sew.

i took my machine to a sewing machine repairman. he said that i'd be better off to buy a new one (he's also a sewing machine salesman). he's going to charge me $160 to change the gears (eyes pop out of head). then he tells me furthermore, what i really need is a serger (eyes crying).

anyway, i talked to the guy a little, and he finally admitted that if i was able to adjust the gears to put the timing back in line, that i can likely figure out how to change the feed gears as well... but he's not going to show me how to do it. WHATEV.

so, i'm just going to buy the gears and do it. i'm sure i can pull it off, and if i can't then i'll take it to him (aside: why do some men wear their pants up to their necks? ew).

i'm sure a new sewing machine would be just lovely, but i don't have $500 for it and there's no point in buying a junk one. singer stylist 534... you'll be healthy again, i'm sure of it.

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alicia said...

your fabriques are buttery goodness celine!