Sunday, September 16, 2007

so exhausted, wrists cracking

whoooo. i put in a hard days work of trying to network. i've been online all day, and i have a touchpad mouse on my laptop... my wrist is killing me. i added myself to some search engines and stuff like that... we'll see what happens. this is all very new to me.

i've been doing applique. mostly because i love embroidery... been doing it since i was a child, for real. there's no real value in a chick that can embroider anymore... but the felt applique may have more appeal.

everytime i make one, my son goes, "is this for ME?" with a big smile on his face, and then i'm forced to say "um, yea" and then i have to start over. by the way, i hate that one i put up, but it's nearly the only one i have left.

anyway, i can't be on this laptop anymore. going to go perform a lost art.

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