Sunday, September 23, 2007


i sold things. lots of things!

my sister took my stuff out for dinner with her and her friends and sold ALL my card pouches plus 2 more custom ones (that's 7), one wristlet, a little stuffs bag, and a zippered pouch! :D she's the sales-lady from heaven. i'm serious.

in addition, i put up a new product, a fabric doorstop. it's inspired by lotta's design, but i felt it was a little too large, and i thought it might be nice fore a bit more taper at the top. as well, it really needed a zipper so that it could be filled, emptied, washed, refilled, etc. etc. it sold in 20 minutes! i don't expect another to sell that quick again, probably just luck but i'm going to put up another one today. my husband is watching football for 12 hours straight today, so in exchange he's going to watch the little one while i sew.

lastly, i sold the denim little stuffs bag, a zippered pouch and one custom wristlet online. thank you etsy!

alright, i'm sure i just bored you to death, but i am SO excited. i bought all kinds of new fabrics (15 designer prints to be exact). can't wait to make some more!

so, the little one's birthday party is tomorrow. it's also our first parent-teacher night. i'm a little nervous, because i have never been very excited about other people's opinions of my son or my parenting, but it does take more than one person (or 2 parents) to raise a child. she just better not be anal, because then i lose it. LOSE it.

we tried out bikes yesterday, and surprisingly enough, he's big enough for a 16 incher. i'm really surprised. the training wheels aren't too wobbly either, so we're going to pick it up for him tomorrow and give it to him after school. i can't wait!

currently, he's throwing a tantrum on the floor in front of me. sigh. he was building a 'couch' out of cardboard bricks, and when it didn't hold him (go figure, they slid out from under him), he went ape shit. i mean ape poop (we're also NOT saying anymore bad words since we caught him trying some out this morning when no one was around).

anyway, tomorrow goes like this: 1. lab to do a restriction enzyme digest, 2. send out purchased items to buyers, 3. pick up birthday bike and snacks for the get together, 4. back to lab to set up matings, 5. dinner, 6. parent teacher night, 7. let the birthday celebration commence! long day.


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