Wednesday, October 24, 2007

5 favorite things

this is not about the stuff we all know about like, "whiskers on kittens", or "raindrops on roses" this is stuff you may or may not know about that is fabulous.

1. iron chef america (the midnight airing). why is this so fab? because it's on EVERY night of the week, including weekends. let me just say i've always been an insomniac, and in the best of times a 'hard to fall asleep-er'. i need to watch tv before i go to bed (i know, 'read a book!' NO. it makes me THINK and if i THINK i don't SLEEP). so where was i? right... it is always on for me to watch before i fall asleep... why else? because it makes me believe i am, in actuality, a 'foodie' because i know the terms and i know the techniques. i wouldn't eat half of it (refusing mushrooms and fish precludes me from eating most foodie foods), but in my fantasy, i would eat it, and i would JUDGE it just like the fat dude that writes for Vogue.

2. drive-thru starbucks. i KNOW that when starbucks was born, it was never meant to be a drive-thru, it goes against its core values (found on page 8 of the employee bible, i've seen it). no, starbucks strives to create an atmosphere, one in which you, as the consumer, are encouraged to chat and have custom orders, and know the staff by name. barf. BARF. i want to be anonymous, i don't want to chat, i want things regular, and damn it, the drive-thru affords me the antisocial-ness that i crave with the tazo chai latte that i need.

3. melamine. it's fabulous, don't start with me.

4. tiny laundry. listen... if i want to wash ALL my clothes, i have to do 3, maybe 4 loads of it. if i want to wash all of my 4 year-old's laundry... i throw it all in at ONCE. that's a savings of 2, maybe 3 loads. seriously, i wish washers were big enough to do that for adults. make sure your little one wears similarly colored items, this does NOT work if you're mixing white with black... word to the wise.

5. hairpins. hairpins, they... i mean hairpins... listen, hairpins are like... okay, hairpins create order where there was chaos, and you know what... that's alright with me.

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alicia said...

i miss my lists...
melamine does rule!

movie reeel!