Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ah, failure.

soooooooo, i had an order for a custom brush roll. i made it (see above) but it's deformed. i don't have any more of that fabric left. AS;KJ;LAKDSJF. you can imagine my frustration. the fabric ripped at one of the corners, and furthermore the inside pockets are crooked. good thing this is a person i know in real life and i can ask to pick another fabric or wait until i get more of this one.

my little one was home sick yesterday. today he's home again, but i'm fairly certain he's totally faking. this is evidenced, i believe, by the fact that he wants to go pick apples, and has eaten a crazy amount of timbits and smile cookies.

he's watching sesame street, and i think tricia yearwood (that's a person, right?) is dealing with the idea of death by singing a song about how her 'friend' is so far away, farther than china and she'll never get to talk to him again. death, right? just say, he's dead. don't lie to children... just explain it how they can understand. hm... now there is a hip hop song talking about numbers. i'd like to be all old and go, 'things have really changed' but remember when we were kids... the songs were contemporary then, so why shouldn't they be now.

wow... today is really rediculous for boring tangents. want to see the most perfectly sewn thing i've ever made? i hope it sells.
alright... you will suffer my minutia no longer.


Anonymous said...

looks good Punch. As you secret messenger..can I deliver this one this weekend? (The fixed one?)

Punchanella said...

yes rome, i've already been in contact with the buyer...