Sunday, October 7, 2007


let's start from the top of the day and work our way down.

1. it's thanksgiving, and it's 89F outside. i roasted a turkey. so. hot. we ate outside, and after dinner S put on his swimsuit and played in the sprinkler. now, WHO remembers a thanksgiving like that? forget it.

2. i have this gift bag that i got a while back that i use to cart around all my etsy product. i like it... it's got a certain charm to it with it's boxy-ness and openness. i figured, how cute would this be if it were scaled to be a clutch??!?!?

so, i figured i would try it out tonight. the pattern i calculated was flawless, and the design was fabulous. HOWEVER, because i spent all day making thanksgiving dinner in a 95F house (no AC!), and i'm exhausted... things went awry when it came to cutting the fabric. here are the errors:

red arrow: messed up the cut out and hole became 2cm too long

black arrow: measurement error leading to the distance being 2" too short. (yes i work in metric and imperial).

so i'm all out of these fabrics and all i've got is a clutch that my husband actually laughed at when he saw... but i can order more, and i can try again when i'm less tired.

happy thanksgiving all!

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alicia said...

dude - take a BREAK. who else cooks thanksgiving dinner, "calculates" a pattern, and sews a clutch in one day? super say that's who!

movie reeeels and cranberges!