Friday, October 19, 2007

the goodest way to ruin your hair, straight OR curly

this is my sister. there she is, in line to get on the 'maid of the mist' in niagara falls. minutes prior to this, she spent one full hour flat-ironing her hair. i think we both knew that the 'mist' (which is actually pelting water ball-ettes) would disrupt her hair somewhat. i think we even discussed how we'd have to fix it at the hotel afterward... there was mention of how my hair, naturally curly, would be EXTRA curly; how jealous was she when she realized how much better my hair would look after the boat ride.

however, no one was prepared for what would REALLY happen on that boat that day. they should call it 'maid of the monsoon', because that's what it is. it's worse than that... just WATER would have been one thing, but this was fish water, that's right: water that fish live in/touch. particularly disgusting. she looked like she fell asleep on a wet beach with no blanket, and i looked like those curly haired dogs... portuguese water dog, that's it... after it's been chasing sticks in the river. i'm glad we did it, because now we can say that we did, but our daytime vacation look suffered a great deal.

p.s. the hershey store in the falls is NOT a factory, and the chick at the counter will tell you as much as she asks for the 6 bucks you owe for that chocolate bar. what? yes, 6. there are NO hershey tours, but the guy at the brock will tour you if you want. we didn't want.

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Field Notes said...

sounds like you had a good time all in all, save for the badly overpriced chocolate ;0