Friday, October 12, 2007

necessity breeds competency

ok, so i was at the lab yesterday and i decided i wanted to apply to trunkt. i got REJECTED once, so i didn't want to screw around and have that happen again, so i had to bring out the big guns.

the big guns being the new clutch. i love this clutch. i'm not sure how well received it will be by customers, but i LOVE it. anyway, i wanted to include it in my portfolio for my trunkt application. however, it has to be connected to your online store in order to use it... so i HAD to put it up on etsy. i was in a rush for 2 reasons... 1. i was at the lab at the time, and i'm always doing 45 things while i'm there, 2. i am hysterical when i decide to do something and i feel that these things cannot wait until a better time. so for that reason, i had to come up with a name, and fast.

thought process:

peep-hole style handles. peeper bag? no. peepshow bag? people will think there's something naked to see. hmmmm, peepy bag? reminds me of the creepy peepy character on boston legal. rehab bag. i love that... but i can see members of the buying public being sensitive to it. amy bag (amy winehouse... get it?). no no, too obscure and EVERYONE names their bags after girls' names. back to peepshow clutch. peep clutch. that's almost cute because it sounds like a bird, but it references peep-hole. PEEP CLUTCH. done.

i put it up, i got lots of views and more than that... I GOT ACCEPTED TO TRUNKT! see my profile here. not only that, but i made a showcase after i got accepted (a collection of things i think are fabulous from other designers that go along with a theme), and it was FEATURED ON THE MAIN PAGE all day (that's it on the picture up there)! soooooooo cool. :)


alicia said...

dude, why are you so amazing? i'm so proud of you i want to throw up!

movie reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!

futuregirl said...

Congrats! Great name. :)

Punchanella said...

thanks futuregirl!