Thursday, October 4, 2007

please pass the homemade cranberges

i can't even talk to you about the lab today, because i'll have a freak out. all i know is that i am DAMN sure i'll be in tears at the next lab meeting, which happens to be tomorrow morning. CRAP.

my inlaws are coming for thanksgiving tomorrow. that's alright. what is NOT alright is how MESSSSSSSSY my house is. i just can't. i can't, and i won't clean it tonight! i'm exhausted. SO TIRED. i have to hope and pray that my husband isn't sick tomorrow and can clean, because even if i wanted to (i do want to), i can't leave school early tomorrow. full day.

something is holding me back from completing the big mouth bags. i keep saying it's the zipper length, but it's not. it's may patience length, which IS a thing. they'll be nice though, i have to get them together!


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