Thursday, November 22, 2007

1 down, 49 to go

custom wholesale order. i mentioned it here, and here.

they are for a very nice lady that makes cosmetic products in south western ontario... and she's selling them here. and BEST of all, $2.00 of each purchase made there is donated to childcan. working above a cancer center every day... i can tell you that this is a worthwhile cause. thanks to you, LUVUBEAUTY.

what are they? they are zippered pouches made from dupioni silk, which is an almost iridescent silk fabric and lined with nylon making them perfect for little bits of make up.

now i just need my ZIPPERS to arrive. canada post is making my life quite difficult lately. i realize they've had a huge increase in US to Canada shipments with the increase in the Canadian dollar, especially since it's christmas... but holy crud, some of us are trying to run business.

SCHOOL: well, the embryo culture is working, and i couldn't be happier. i've made up the stock solutions for the 'other' media i'm going to culture in... and so far so good. it also looks like the bisulfite technique we're using is working well also. I HAVE TO WRITE UP A COMMITTEE REPORT AND CALL A MEETING. I HAVE TO FINISH MY DRAFT OF THE REVIEW ARTICLE AND GIVE IT TO MY ADVISOR. whoops, i just let myself panic. cookies?

tomorrow we're going home for thanksgiving. i'm a little concerned about the border wait times... but how the hell else will i get there? i can't wait to see my family for the holiday. which reminds me, better put up an away notice on etsy.

happy american thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

how i hate to see them go.

giga's clutch. actually, i've decided she's going to have to fight me for it. i love this one.

i cleaned all day long. my house is a mess. every time i cleaned something, SOMEONE messed it back up.

if i had chocolate... correction, if i had allowed myself to buy chocolate today at the grocery store, i'd be eating it right now. instead, i bought 6 dried and sugared pineapple chunks (not even whole circles, just chunks). so not satisfying when you want chocolate.

my husband is preparing for a presentation he's doing tomorrow. he's at the "how can i get out of this" stage... that's my favorite one. it comes after "oh my god, this needs so much work" and right before "efff it, it's as good as it's going to be". ahhh, grad school... how i love you.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


sometimes this blog gets off-track, and i have to swerve back into the lane (don't worry giga... i still go the speed limit).

new tote. if this tote sells, i will have to hold a ceremony to say goodbye to it... because it's heavenly.

i'm really excited to get my consignment order together... interested to see how stuff does in a real store. ;)

and the wholesale order... oh wholesale order, how i love/hate ye. tomorrow i am buying the silk, i'll post the progress as it goes. i've never made 50 of anything (no, nothing)... i'm going to treat it assembly style...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i'm trying to be more well rounded

let me preface this with the fact that i'm EXHAUSTED and i've started drinking to ease my pain...

today i attended a conference/meeting type thing... (it's the first day of 3 days) on the... well, it's called 'the "healthy" embryo'. it's the last in a 5 year running meeting and the theme of this year's meeting is about what IS an embryo, what does it MEAN, and what the hell is HEALTHY or NORMAL anyway...

a series of lawyers, art historians, social scientists and otherwise presented a lot of really crucial information to us today. it's really easy to get caught up in the science, and the pathways, and the workings and limits of embryos and assisted reproductive technologies, and other than writing up the grant application perhaps never really thinking about the societal impression or impact on such an activity.

for example, one lawyer from california talked about ownership of an embryo... so, a woman can abort a fetus if it impinges upon her personal freedoms, she can choose to evacuate an unwanted embryo/fetus and choose the outcome (ultimately death), but in a recent case, a procedure in which the fetus was partially born to complete the abortion was challenged, stating that the fetus is no longer her property and her rights subside when it its LOCATION is outside of her body. in this way, legislation seeks to control the rights of an EMBRYO (you may or may not know this, but when a couple goes to a fertility clinic for IVF, many extra embryos are produced for the purpose of not having to go through multiple cycles should the procedure fail... although most women still do, which is not relevant here, point is... there are EXTRA embryos produced). so, these extra embryos, who owns them, who decides their fate, who can have them if the parents don't want them.

a researcher from the UK who looks at the fate of these embryos in switzerland was saying that the couple ultimately decides whether to donate them to research for their destruction or if they are to be destroyed within the facility, or (as most women choose) to have the embryos inserted into their vaginas to die where they would have naturally. we sort of all gasped, but i can see the rationale. anyway...

this is BORING, i realize, but i really loved it. LOVED it... and i feel like i have a broader understanding of the gravity of my work, what it does and does not mean, and how it ultimately impacts society.

Friday, November 9, 2007

things i learned this week:

1. buying all the stuff that goes into the wraps that you buy everyday in the hospital cafeteria so you can make them yourself and save money does NOT work. i nearly gagged both times i tried.

2. embryo culture can work TOO good. they can grow super way too fast... forever confusing you and your ability to graduate continues to dwindle.

3. you CAN stop fighting on a dime so your son doesn't get upset that you bicker constantly. you can, and it's enough to make the fight stop all night. you just... STOP (ie no one wins but your son).

4. buying a sewing machine is, in itself, a PhD project worthy of a dissertation style document outlining the options, pros, cons, and results of such an endeavor.

i think that's all.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

i've been custom-ordering my azz off

maaaaaannnnnnnnnn. how do i explain this?

a. it was so fun to design these items with my customers, and meet their needs. it meant a lot to me to make it perfect for them, and when they loved it... it was the best feeling ever.

b. i'm EXHAUSTED, and i have no stock in my store for 'walk-ins' iff you will

i still have 3 more custom orders to go, plus a consignment order for 10 items as well as a wholesale order for 50.

i am SO screwed. i never imagined that this would be more than a once a week sale type thing. i'm really happy, and i really want to be doing it... but let's take a moment to remember that i'm in school... trying to get a PhD.

on that note, my experiments are finally starting to work after 9 months, and everything is falling into place. it's kind of rediculous, really... everything's started to work out. i know it's due to 9 months of us pulling our hair out and changing small things to make a big impact.

regardless... what the HELL do i do?

science/sewer chicken out.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

okay, so i bummed everyone out last time

i'm SORRY! i won't talk about death anymore. ;)

i'm supah-dupah tired tonight. i am doing a wholesale order. i'm pretty excited. they are zippered pouches in a dupioni silk. i think they'll be really cute.

i'm tired for a change, going to watch iron chef. :)