Thursday, November 22, 2007

1 down, 49 to go

custom wholesale order. i mentioned it here, and here.

they are for a very nice lady that makes cosmetic products in south western ontario... and she's selling them here. and BEST of all, $2.00 of each purchase made there is donated to childcan. working above a cancer center every day... i can tell you that this is a worthwhile cause. thanks to you, LUVUBEAUTY.

what are they? they are zippered pouches made from dupioni silk, which is an almost iridescent silk fabric and lined with nylon making them perfect for little bits of make up.

now i just need my ZIPPERS to arrive. canada post is making my life quite difficult lately. i realize they've had a huge increase in US to Canada shipments with the increase in the Canadian dollar, especially since it's christmas... but holy crud, some of us are trying to run business.

SCHOOL: well, the embryo culture is working, and i couldn't be happier. i've made up the stock solutions for the 'other' media i'm going to culture in... and so far so good. it also looks like the bisulfite technique we're using is working well also. I HAVE TO WRITE UP A COMMITTEE REPORT AND CALL A MEETING. I HAVE TO FINISH MY DRAFT OF THE REVIEW ARTICLE AND GIVE IT TO MY ADVISOR. whoops, i just let myself panic. cookies?

tomorrow we're going home for thanksgiving. i'm a little concerned about the border wait times... but how the hell else will i get there? i can't wait to see my family for the holiday. which reminds me, better put up an away notice on etsy.

happy american thanksgiving!

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