Tuesday, November 6, 2007

i've been custom-ordering my azz off

maaaaaannnnnnnnnn. how do i explain this?

a. it was so fun to design these items with my customers, and meet their needs. it meant a lot to me to make it perfect for them, and when they loved it... it was the best feeling ever.

b. i'm EXHAUSTED, and i have no stock in my store for 'walk-ins' iff you will

i still have 3 more custom orders to go, plus a consignment order for 10 items as well as a wholesale order for 50.

i am SO screwed. i never imagined that this would be more than a once a week sale type thing. i'm really happy, and i really want to be doing it... but let's take a moment to remember that i'm in school... trying to get a PhD.

on that note, my experiments are finally starting to work after 9 months, and everything is falling into place. it's kind of rediculous, really... everything's started to work out. i know it's due to 9 months of us pulling our hair out and changing small things to make a big impact.

regardless... what the HELL do i do?

science/sewer chicken out.


Joelle said...

Hi. Im so glad I found you through ETSY. I Love your work & I like your HONESTY!
Great Blog. Love the iron chef 7 thanks for sharing about the piece with the undertaker. Someone has to do it. With such a emotinal time I'd like to know those people are commassionate, caring & honest people. Thats something we just don't normally think about.
Thank you.
Best Wishes with ALL you do!
Joelle XO

Punchanella said...

thanks joelle! i appreciate your comments. :)

i tend to ramble on, glad you liked it.