Monday, December 31, 2007

singer stylist 534


so, i get a lot of hits on my blog by people looking for 'singer stylist 534'. i thought it might be useful for me to publish the websites i used to become an expert on ALL things stylist, how to replace gears, where to get them, how to thread it, how to fix the hook timing, how to fix the feed dogs, how to oil and maintain it, etc. etc.

here are some good online resources:

threading diagram:

general info on trouble shooting a sewing machine:

maintenance for the stylist line:

timing adjustments for the stylist line:

info on singer parts (gears, feed dogs, etc. etc.)

i think that's all right now. but please, don't hesitate to contact me for more info... i MIGHT be able to help.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

the submitees

so, these are the 3 doorstops i'm sending to hallmark. they'll photograph them, i'm sure... because my pictures are less than perfect.

what do you think?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


this is what christmas looks like through the eyes of a 4 year-old... literally. everything is either in your face (as is the case with Fia the dog there) or above you (like the ingredients). S got a digital camera from santa (it's FOR kids, people... not an adult one). i would say the camera is a great thing, and has given me LOTS of laughs (he took a picture of a boot on the floor)... the only bad time was when he brought it into the bathroom while someone was showering.

christmas, all in all, was pretty great this year. i got my new sewing machine... a Husqvarna Viking Prelude 370. :D I LOOOOOVVE her. I've named her Kathleen, in honor of Kathleen Turner, husky voiced beauty who shares a quality with my Husky Husqvarna.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Christmas too... :)

In other really great news, Hallmark Magazine has asked me to send them some doorstops so that they can feature them in their April issue. I'm really excited. I am obsessing over the perfect samples to send.

Monday, December 17, 2007

things i wish for that are sh*tty

1. i wish there was a way to ensure that people i know in real life had no access to this blog so i could tell the hilarious/annoying/enraging/ridiculous stories about them without them knowing i dislike or ridicule them. (yes, i'm talking about you; no no, not you though).

2. i wish i had a lot of money so that i could stop worrying about inane things like food or shelter and start buying things! this is a wish outside the wish that is not sh*tty that i have lots of money so i can sponsor children and stuff like that. that's separate, and that's not what this post is about.

3. i wish that i could ram people with my car (don't worry gigs... not innocent people, and not because i was out of control) to teach them a lesson about getting the eff out of the way, and NOT getting behind the wheel if they are SCARED to drive. if you're scared, why then, i'm scared. save yourself, don't drive.

4. i wish that my competition fail. this is harsh, i agree... but how much easier would it be if you didn't have to struggle? i know, i know... competition enhances peoples' skills and ultimately produces a better result. screw it. if you fail, i win. then i can watch do fun things rather than work. which brings me to my next thing:

5. i wish that i had an all weekend babysitter so i could do nothing more than be a glutton... watch an insane amount of multi-parter movies and sleep, rather then make lunch and entertain a 4-year old. i love him and all, and i'd miss him... but mostly i'd just be so chill.

i think that's enough for now. i've outed my horrible side.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

midnight in the garden of what the EFF?

either a: this movie/book is all a lie and i'm offended to have read/watched something so redicuous, or
b: this is all real, and what the hell was that writer from NY thinking treating people like a freak show for all us "northerners" to watch?

YES, i know it's like, 12 years old now, alright?

Custom tote...

i really love this one, shipping it off tomorrow. i may re-create it though for some lucky christmas gift recipients.

IF i make it through these next two weeks, i don't know... i'll be surprised. my next committee meeting is thursday. this is the one where i get to tell my committee that things still aren't working... furthermore how about if i switch the whole thing to talking about stressed embryos and epigenetic effects. :| please? because i have to tell you (them), my control embryos are whacked, and it's all because of the vivarium's stressful (not on purpose) conditions.

what am i talking about? i don't even know.

can't wait for my week off!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

i can't lift my arms.

we got a bazillion cm of snow in the last 2 days. tonight when i got home (sans car) i realized that it was unlikely that my husband would be able to pull in without some sort of really awesome tire-spinning, 'burn down to the pavement', smell up the earth, general embarrassment maneuver. so i decided i would shovel the driveway.

what the HELL was i thinking? who knew snow was so heavy? and since i've been telling my little one that he's too heavy for mommy to carry, i'm a wimpling!

the little muscle adjacent to your armpit and above your breast... that one... it's totally destroyed. i really need to beef up if i'm going to live in a house, and not an apartment complex. woah... take out my own garbage, put it on the curb? where's the 'shoot'? SHOVEL myself out? where's the plow man? damn. and you know what's the worst thing about having all this space? my christmas tree looks dinky. ;) i love it here, i kid.

new line of wristlets... avec embellishments! i know the embellishments are small, but it's a big deal for me! i have a 'clean line' obsession!

we'll see how they do. i've only posted one so far.


Sunday, December 2, 2007

i'm insane.

you haven't heard from me lately.
this is what i've been doing. well... some of what i've been doing. i have 20 of the 50 done.

for the first time ever, i have TOO many orders. i finally broke my own customer service rule, and put up a notice that i can't take start any new orders until December 10th. :( i can't though, between this wholesale order and the existing customs i've got, add in the review article and committee reports i need to get out this week, i just can't do any more.

my little one is mental. he's in some sort of play-doh, meringue, snot, Shrek the 3rd, and sugar covered hysteria. it's been really UNfun. my husband has vowed to care for him and the house this weekend... but like i said, S is insane and out of control and my kitchen has NO clean dishes in it, which enrages me. :( i'm glad he has all this time to watch 3 football games today and none to do dishes. RRRRRRRRRR.

kind of a bummer day, really.

at least tomorrow i get to go to the lab tomorrow, where it's mainly quiet. ;)