Tuesday, December 4, 2007

i can't lift my arms.

we got a bazillion cm of snow in the last 2 days. tonight when i got home (sans car) i realized that it was unlikely that my husband would be able to pull in without some sort of really awesome tire-spinning, 'burn down to the pavement', smell up the earth, general embarrassment maneuver. so i decided i would shovel the driveway.

what the HELL was i thinking? who knew snow was so heavy? and since i've been telling my little one that he's too heavy for mommy to carry, i'm a wimpling!

the little muscle adjacent to your armpit and above your breast... that one... it's totally destroyed. i really need to beef up if i'm going to live in a house, and not an apartment complex. woah... take out my own garbage, put it on the curb? where's the 'shoot'? SHOVEL myself out? where's the plow man? damn. and you know what's the worst thing about having all this space? my christmas tree looks dinky. ;) i love it here, i kid.

new line of wristlets... avec embellishments! i know the embellishments are small, but it's a big deal for me! i have a 'clean line' obsession!

we'll see how they do. i've only posted one so far.



Field Notes said...

Looks like you posted the one my eye was most drawn to :) take it easy on your deltoid or whatever that muscle is called!

Gigababy. Tips are appreciated! said...

My dad used to melt paths with a large blowtorch, no shovel needed.
True story, I swear.

Stink Bone Jones said...

I just hearted one of your many adorable bags. Also thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I love comments.