Sunday, December 2, 2007

i'm insane.

you haven't heard from me lately.
this is what i've been doing. well... some of what i've been doing. i have 20 of the 50 done.

for the first time ever, i have TOO many orders. i finally broke my own customer service rule, and put up a notice that i can't take start any new orders until December 10th. :( i can't though, between this wholesale order and the existing customs i've got, add in the review article and committee reports i need to get out this week, i just can't do any more.

my little one is mental. he's in some sort of play-doh, meringue, snot, Shrek the 3rd, and sugar covered hysteria. it's been really UNfun. my husband has vowed to care for him and the house this weekend... but like i said, S is insane and out of control and my kitchen has NO clean dishes in it, which enrages me. :( i'm glad he has all this time to watch 3 football games today and none to do dishes. RRRRRRRRRR.

kind of a bummer day, really.

at least tomorrow i get to go to the lab tomorrow, where it's mainly quiet. ;)


LUVU Beauty said...

haha, I love this blog! I am so glad I found you, I didn't want to have to go outside of my comfort zone (local businesses) to order customized products. I now my LUVU Groupies will love these, and they will fly off the shelves quickly...I can tell you that! Be prepared, and careful what you wish for soon, and hoepfully see you this week!

LUVU Beauty said...

P.S. They are looking great!!!

punchanella said...

i'm also glad to support a local business. it's win-win, eh? :)

Gigababy said...

Hang in there girl!!!!

LUVU Beauty said...

I am very big on supporting local businesses...If I didn't have ppl supporting me I wouldn't be where I am now...So glad facebook found you for me haha