Wednesday, December 12, 2007

midnight in the garden of what the EFF?

either a: this movie/book is all a lie and i'm offended to have read/watched something so redicuous, or
b: this is all real, and what the hell was that writer from NY thinking treating people like a freak show for all us "northerners" to watch?

YES, i know it's like, 12 years old now, alright?

Custom tote...

i really love this one, shipping it off tomorrow. i may re-create it though for some lucky christmas gift recipients.

IF i make it through these next two weeks, i don't know... i'll be surprised. my next committee meeting is thursday. this is the one where i get to tell my committee that things still aren't working... furthermore how about if i switch the whole thing to talking about stressed embryos and epigenetic effects. :| please? because i have to tell you (them), my control embryos are whacked, and it's all because of the vivarium's stressful (not on purpose) conditions.

what am i talking about? i don't even know.

can't wait for my week off!!!!!!


Field Notes said...

wow I love reading a blog where I can read the word "epigenetic"

good luck with the committee

be strong and when in doubt stare them down and be your usual brilliant self :)

punchanella said...

oh, you're so sweet. :)

i'll try the staring, but they'll likely just look back... they know my tricks.