Wednesday, January 23, 2008

4 easy steps to needing therapy!

okay, first... here are a list of 'easy' recommendations from this website about how to improve your child's morning and set a good tone for the rest of the day.

Here a couple of ‘Rise & Shine’ ideas to get you and your children off to a brighter start!

1) Create a hot breakfast meal together: Have your children help you make blueberry pancakes, whole-grain waffles, or a berry-and-milk-smoothie.
i don't have time to make tea in a to-go cup, i don't have time for blueberry pancakes, either. i'd have to get up at 6am, which would be alright if i didn't have to stay up until 1:30am the night before to get my work done.

2) Tell a story from your childhood: My children’s favorites are the ones about losing my passport in a foreign country and capsizing in a rowboat. (I suppose hearing about Mom being in a vulnerable situation is always a hit!) this brings on a torrent of questions. 'where was i?' 'why wasn't i born yet?' 'what's a rowboat?' 'can i come?' 'why were you a little girl?' questions to which, the answers are unacceptable, prompting a yelling fit where he insists the opposite of what i'm telling him.

3) Using old magazines and photos of your child create a collage together. Themes like sports, favorite things, and places we want to visit are just a few of the many sources of inspiration you can use for this simple yet memorable project. listen sweetcheeks, i just told you in #1 that i don't have time for a hot breakfast... so if we extrapolate from that, it's reasonable to say that i don't have time to collage either.

4) Institute a ‘calm voices’ rule for the mornings. Define when the morning period ends- perhaps when breakfast is over, beds are made, or school starts. Feel free to say, after a tennis ball has shattered your lamp, “I’m feeling upset, so I’m going in to my room alone for a few minutes to calm down so that I don’t shout at you.” What a wonderful message you will be sharing about controlling outbursts! in a very QUIET AND CALM voice... 'put your pants on. yes, you have to wear those pants. why do you hate those pants, they're just pants? so pick what pants you do want. in your middle drawer, go. just put your pants on. HEY! i mean, hey... you can't go to school without pants on. no, it's not a home day, put your pants on. ON... on, on buddy. okay, i'm almost ready and i'm going to leave without you if you're not ready. yes i will! so just put your pants on and then you don't have to worry about it. put them on. not backwards, stop that. put them on. pants! on! oh my god i can't take anymore.

i'm going to go ahead and say that NONE of these things are even remotely options. thanks a lot for making me feel like an even bigger a-hole mother, because now i know that there are either women out there that DO all these things, or at least believe i should. scroll down on the page and read what Jaylene has to say... she gets it, i'm calling her to be BFF right now.


alicia said...

don't worry duder, people with well-adjusted parents always grow up to be boring and deluded about the cruel realities of life. you're doing a great job!

driving to the airport

punchanella said...

why do i feel like driving to the airport DOES have time to collage in the morning? oh right, because he's rich. ;)

Gigababy. Tips are appreciated! said...


Mister-M said...

Your replies to the suggestions had me laughing pretty heartily this morning. These would be my "spins" on those...

1 - Teach your children to make thier own breakfast (within reason - keeping safety in mind) so that they're not pounding on your bedroom door 30+ minutes before they have to asking "when we gonna eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat?!?!" I like to set as much up the night before to facilitate this as possible... plates, bowls, utensils... etc. The breakfast table is set the night before.

2 - Tell a story from your childhood: Children, when I was your age, if I wasn't out of bed in a timely fashion, mommy and daddy would use a bullhorn and flip the mattress over with me in it. Ahhhh, good times... good times... Now, GET UP! ;-)

3 - Use old magazines to encourage your children to get out of bed, such as rolling it up and bashing it against your favorite pot or, if you're muscially inclined, your biggest cymbal! The only "crafting" I want to do at 7AM are the three S's.

4 - Institute a "calm voices" rule. In my house, we call it "restaurant voices." That period ends when they leave the car at the bus stop or school...

Great post.

Seriously - for me, what has worked is ROUTINE. Together, we choose the next day's clothes before bed. The thing that made the morning go so smoothly? Wake up, bathroom, get dressed FIRST, eat.

Getting dressed as early in the morning process as possible has made morning's SO much less chaotic... and has actually seen us have time to relax before heading off to school.

punchanella said...

thanks for your comments, mr. m!

i think what you've laid out here is sound advice. it's reminiscent of my childhood...

and your idea for our old magazines is REALLY a good one. i might start that 'craft project' this evening when someone refuses to go take his bath.

i agree, routine is likely the best way to get things moving in our household. at best, my husband and i are 'fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pant'ers, which is BAD when you've got a child involved. those little buggars capitalize on every inconsistency they find, RIGHT? RIGHT? IT'S NOT JUST MINE?

we'll keep working on it. i'm slowly getting to the lab earlier and earlier. :)