Friday, January 4, 2008

like outkast, i can't wait.

so, it's killing me. i've yet to hear back from the magazine. i know it's ridiculously early, considering it's the APRIL issue, but i really would like to know if the associate editor liked them/is going to feature them.

camera died. however... my husband's grandma just sent him a check for $250 for christmas (quite unexpectedly)... so we're going to replace the good ol' nikon coolpix 2100 from 2003. i hope my pictures still look moody and slightly pink like the coolpix used to make them... it's my signature picture style.

i dropped off the last of my wholesale order bags today. feels good to have it done and closed off. she gave me some samples of her eyeshadows, which i'm quite excited to try, so that was fun too.

ughhhh, nothing interesting is going to come out of my mouth (fingers as it were)... i'm just all anticipation tonight, with no results.


Gigababy. Tips are appreciated! said...

I gotta say I've always loved the photography.

punchanella said...


Field Notes said...

I think they should run them!!! I want one :) They are simply too pretty, too well made, and too unique for them to not feature.

better watch out... you might want to quit your 'day' job!

punchanella said...

right now, quitting my 'day' job is a dream come true! i'm so blocked with my research.

thanks for liking the doorstops! :)