Wednesday, January 2, 2008

kiss the pics goodbye

new shorty doorstop. he's about an inch shorter than my new shorter style, which is about an inch shorter than my original. so... because i'm a math whiz i'll tell you the answer, shorty doorstop is 2 inches shorter than the original. if a train is traveling at 200 km/h and a car is going 20 km/h because old people are behind the wheel, and the ladder is falling at a rate of 4"/second (related rates)... the answer is booze.

4 new little-stuffs bags in varying sizes/prints. these i like because they scream boudoir. perfect for things that inherently smell good because they are 'products' ladies use, like little lotion, perfumes, soaps, and MAC lip glass which for some unadvertised reason is reminiscent of chocolate.

you won't be seeing any new pictures, because today my camera ATE THE BIG ONE. ughhhhhh. i was taking pictures of this adorable 8 wk-old puppy that is living here while my mom attends a funeral. he's the cutest thing on two wheels, er... 4 legs. perhaps one day i will get the pictures off the dead camera's CF card that is lost somewhere in the living room. i threw it onto the chair carelessly while i LITERALLY had my camera apart. i took off both the front and back, unplugged two data cables, disassembled the lens motor and lens itself. i've never seen the inside of a digital camera. it would have been interesting had my 4 year-old and the puppy NOT tag-teamed to bump my work area sending 10 TEENY screws flying into space (one is still missing). what a nightmare. i don't know HOW i'll get a new digital camera, and hence... what will happen with my sales/new items????? how can i post online listings... DESCRIBE IT? ugh.

happy new year.


Silver River Jewelry said...

Love your writing style and sense of humor. I will be adding a link to my blog if you don't mind. And our puppies live in the kitchen and go outside to the fenced yard frequently lol! Baby gates are a must in my house until they are sold.

Silver River Jewelry said...

I have to tell you since my last comment our puppies have destroyed the kitchen. They managed to pry open a cupboard and let's see, pancake mix, cookie sprinkles and three loaves of bread later... Any way I am adding you to my sidebar of other blogs to visit as we speak. Talk to you soon!

Gigababy. Tips are appreciated! said...

i'm sorry punch... :(