Sunday, January 20, 2008

non sequitur

last night four of us went to the food and wine expo. it was myself and my husband, my sister and her boyfriend. it was fun, but mostly because it was us. anyway, wine for 2 tickets. done. more wine for 2 more tickets, yes please. food, yea yea, food... 3 tickets. WINE, 2 tickets. buy more tickets! then we signed up for a cheese tasting seminar. the combination of the wine and the class atmosphere (i wanted to do what the guy told me to) led to my trying cheeses i would NEVER, EVER eat normally. one in particular... the Champsfleury, which i'm telling you translates to 'champion smell', smelled like garbage. the moderator asked, "what does it smell like to you?" and people would say things like, vegetables, or butter, and i was screaming in my head 'GARBAGE'. anyway, i ate it and if you could avoid smelling it as it went into your mouth... the result was quite pleasing. the texture is like that of nothing else. anyway SO MUCH CHEESE, and then more wine for 2 tickets. it was fun.

alright, unrelated:

i have a new line of wool bags. so far i have only posted the zippered pouches. i use mine as a clutch at this point, but i'll be making the peep clutches with my beautiful wools.

alright, my little one just broke my awesome food and wine expo wine glass... must go pretend like i am upset so he stays away from mommy's things... oh and clean it up too.


Anonymous said...

Love the bags! and I hope that you had more than one Expo glass :)

Inspired... said...

mmm... wine and cheese are just a few of my very favorite things. and I think I may need one of those peep clutches in wool when you get them done. Delicious!