Monday, January 21, 2008

screw off, creeps.

ever noticed how in medical text books, they'll show a child with a visible disorder and they'll put that black bar over their eyes to give them some privacy? i always laughed at that, as though the eyes were the only thing identifying those children. gigs up...

i have been wrestling with the idea of putting any pictures up on my blog or as a seller on etsy. i think it's important to be able to put a product to a face in the case of the handmade craft movement. there is something normal about seeing the crafter, it makes it worth more for me. but then there is the part of me that is super neurotic... that thinks that as soon as there is a picture of me on a public website, all the creeps will want to come get me and my family.

i posted this very question on the etsy forums tonight, and i got mixed results... some were comfortable with the idea, because it's inane to think the online is the only venue that leaves you vulnerable... and there were others who just felt like NOT having pictures up was just inherently safer.

gigababy is what i consider a big-time blogger. she's got pictures of her and her family all over the place. gigs has a real opinion on issues of wreckless driving (i invite you to check out her blog). her opinion is not always well received by some people and they do try to find information on her. i worry, you know... but she doesn't and i love that about her. so that makes me think i'm totally insane to think that my little blog is any kind of risk.

but then if you read angry chicken, she never puts pictures of her children's faces or her family up for that matter. her blog is very popular... and she steers clear of visual identity for the most part.

so who's right? am i at risk if i'm on a public website, or not? :(


Karen said...

I definitely know what you mean. I'm really hesitant to put personal pictures up on my blog or etsy. At first, I thought I was just being shy (let the whole world see me? ha!) but I even feel odd about showing friends and family in pics, too. I think I would avoid it (that's just me), but if a shot or two is posted now and then with faces, I wouldn't sweat it.

Nancy said...

nice pics punchella, i think you are very pretty...of what i can see...for all i know your eyes look like fried eggs

punchanella said...

oh my god, how did you know my eyes look like fried eggs? you're freakin' me out!

Gigababy. Tips are appreciated! said...

Considering I live in an obscure place in Ontario where you'd have to be hellbent to sit in a cornfield to find me, I'm ok.
I don't use my real name on the blog but a variation of it.

I've pissed off a lot of people but I have a media background that gives me what I need to handle the backlash.

I'm cautious but not too cautious. I don't disclose where I work, where Chad works, where my kid goes to daycare, so I'm cool.

I'm amazed at how open other bloggers are. I don't mind photos but I draw the line at personal information but I love looking at photos of other bloggers' lives.

Anonymous said...

you are too pretty to show your face. people will want to make suits out of you. i say no more, and I am the boss of you.


punchanella said...

thanks for signing in, roman.

alicia said...

little do these people know that your eyes ARE black boxes.

RandomNotions said...

just looked at your avatar...i guess no fried eggs them or is that someone else's eye?

punchanella said...

no that's my eye. now criminals can photoshop eyeballs onto my picture and find me. that was dumb.

Field Notes said...

Well, you don't want to make it easier or more worthwhile for stalkers to get you...

and now that they can know you are a beautiful woman! Watch out! There are just around the corner.

I've seen a lot of talk about this issue from the academic blogs I read. Most women, by far, choose to be as anonymous as possible so their departments and students don't find their blogs.

I started out not-anonymous but then took the identity of Field Notes. Still, people can find out exactly who I am through pretty simple means and then they can google me and find my research and where I've taught and all that... but, I don't think it really matters.

I'm not going to reveal anything on my blog that I wouldn't tell a student, my colleague, or my boss.
I suppose I am just frank that way.

.. My excuse for not posting pictures of myself is that I never like how I look in them ;)