Saturday, January 12, 2008

"gum drop"... that's all i need to say.

so, amy butler has this pattern for 'gum drop' pillows which i completely love. they're like little ball pillows of wonderful cozyness and truth be told, i adore spheres... which partly explains my love of early embryos (see blog title, those are my research embryos!).

and my sister has this beautiful, magazine worthy, attic apartment which has tons of floor space, and not so much head space... necessitating floor seating/lounging in the edge-regions.

so the two should meet, right? i agree. this particular gum drop pillow is the first she'll be receiving tomorrow. it's the small size (18" wide by 9" high; however, i believe it's taller than that at this point). i'll have to take some pictures of it in her apartment, because my house, featuring the bay window with no handle (because 4 year-olds just turn cranks regardless of the temperature outside) does it no justice.

for god's sake punch, WHAT is your point? my point is, i am considering selling these on etsy... likely unfilled (i have added a zipper closure). let's say i did some up in other colors, some neutrals, some geometrics... etc... would they be a good idea for my etsy store?

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Karen said...

Hey, thanks for leaving a note on my blog :)

Love that pillow! I think it would be a great addition to your shop!