Wednesday, February 20, 2008

why its so good we're both married already.

i work hard, right? i mean, i'm a mother and wife, i go to school full time, i'm running a business on the side... i deserve certain things, like an attractive husband. if you ask me (you just did) eli's the hottest thing on two wheels or feet or whatever. but when he does things like this...

i wonder, what did i do to you to make you walk around like this? what. i know what you're going to say eli... and you're right... but i don't think i've ever pulled a shorts-wool sock-moccasin look. never. nope.

but honestly, where do i get off?

<----THIS is what i did tonight. you guessed it... i annotated sequence and made point form notes about what my adviser and i need to discuss tomorrow. WOOOO! p.s. how fun is guitar hero? i played it for the first time this past weekend. up until then, i had totally openly mocked any and all who loved it... but now i understand. it includes all sorts of things i love: a) rockin' out b) singing c) hand-eye coordination d) drinking (okay that is not recommended by the manufacturer). anyway, it's so fun, i want it.


alicia said...

i think the reason's behind eli's fashion statement can be traced back to his killaloe-lian roots. i mean, people play soccer in cut-offs and work boots there, right?

but hey, at least he doesn't play with his balls...

Anonymous said...

I mock what I don't understand. GH being one of them

foresitedesign said...

Moccasin's are not subject to the normal rules of fashion...they predate fashion...seriously are you going to post picture of guys in headdresses and loin cloths and cut up thier fashion choices? No of course not. I was in character reliving a time long careful I don't mistake you for a buffalo and drive you off the nearest jump!
Dances in Wool Socks

Anonymous said...

This is a problem that will last till the end of time. After a lifetime of dealing with (wonderful) men, I have thrown in the towel on certain things
fashion and color coordination
finding the milk behind the orange juice
and finally picking something up off the floor instead of walking or high jumping over it.
Thanks for the laugh and I am in complete agreement on guitar hero!

punchanella said...

you couldn't be MORE right whimsical! and thanks for the laugh about the milk behind the OJ dilemma... so true.


CastoCreations said...

That is hilarious! If I didn't know better I'd think that was my hubby's feet.

But does your hubby wear tight spandex like fleece black pants covered in dog fur? I gotcha beat then. :)

punchanella said...

aw no sweetheart, you win. :)