Friday, February 8, 2008

i would weep if it weren't so complicated to do ANYTHING

so whatever, i try to keep it lady-like, but today sucks butt.

husband snored (like usual) until 2am. i kicked and hit him, not completely on purpose but because i was delirious from LACK of sleep over many, many, MANY years (9 years next week, to be exact)... but no change in nasal honkings occurred. but, because husband has to teach at 8am on fridays, we have to get up at 6-something to do all the RIDICULOUS driving in order to get all 3 of us where we go. we had just dropped my husband off, when i RAMMED into some chick in an SUV in front of me at a stop. fabulous. (**edit: the damage to my car alone is $1900... weeping has now officially become uncomplicated, and i have begun to do so**)

first i got out of the car and put my hand to the window in a "stay!" like command to the car (like it was a puppy... my parents started using hand signals to train the dogs and that, in itself, was a hilarious thing, nevermind me doing it 7 years later to a car after i got it into an accident).

i was really eloquent and on top of my shit too, because i was like, "i wrecked my uh, the um... (*snapped fingers twice*) LICENSE plate. i smashed it. your car looks okay though. are you okay?" she's like, "are you okay to pull over onto that side street?" clearly i DIDN'T look okay, even though i thought i was... i guess she picked up on the hand signals to the car and the inability to find my words.

regardless, i gave her my insurance info (i had to use her pen, because i had no pen... and i judge people that have no pens, they're clearly disorganized... ME).

then i called my MOTHER and broke down crying because i couldn't call my husband because he was busy teaching people (and the fact that his cell phone is at my mom's because he was sledding with the little one and made a 'jump' out of snow, and then proceeded to FLIP over it, shooting his cell phone out of his pocket and into the snow, little did we know... requiring my mom to go out at 10pm calling it with her cell to try and find it in the dark.

MY LIFE IS CALAMITY sometimes, it's evident as i attempt to explain all the reasons why i got in an accident and couldn't call my husband.

anyway... i get into daycare finally to drop off the little duder, and the daycare lady was all, "wow! you're hear so early today! look, mommy even has to look at the time to write it down to sign you in". what does she care if we're a 9:30/10:00 family? WHAT? this was a moment where i had to ACTIVELY not be a total witch, because i do love her taking care of my child and i requested specifically her room for that reason. but i was like... fighting it.

i decided to NOT do my labwork, because i have started fires/spilled chemicals/contaminated my clothes on more that one occasion, and i just felt like today was an opportunity to do just that.

now i'm sitting at home, waiting for 12:30, and then i'm going to radiation safety training; day 2. YUP, my life... is fun today.


Anonymous said...

Hi, punchanella! I was just tagged by whimsicalpam, and now I'm tagging you! It's just a fun, little game (you don't have to play if you don't want to). Love your blog!


moosh in indy. said...

Bad things come in threes.
Like that helps.
Good thing my job rarely involves caustic chemicals. There would be a big smoking hole in Indiana if it did.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, almost every blog that I've read today had the same chaotic theme. It must be in the air. Tomorrow will be a better day, hopefully. In the meantime, put a pen in your purse, Don't ya just hate people who don't carry pens? lol

RandomNotions said...

i am so sorry my heart goes out to you, if i was there i would give you a big giant hug. I got into 2 accidents in 2 weeks back in december and i know how nerve wracking that can be...if you want to read someone else's misery you can check out my other blog

*bear hug*

punchanella said...

thanks random, you're sweet!

i guess accidents happen. :'(