Tuesday, February 12, 2008

movies i love that are really quite ridiculous

These are the movies that when brought up in casual conversation with people I'm not close to I say, "Pshhhyea, that movie sucks so bad. Fersure, uhuh." But really, I love um. You may notice that these are all from the late 80's to early 90's... it was a bad time in movies, and a bad time in me (bad fashion choices, poor hair decisions, terrible taste in boys... it all went hand in hand).

1. Houseguest. This is a delicate meshing of Sinbad and Phil Hartman. It involves hilarious moments such as "speed golf" and the daughter's punk boyfriend named "ST3". You can sit there and say it wasn't hilarious, but it totally was.

2. Back to the Future Parts 1 through 3. 1. Back to the future... Buzz marries your sister! 2. Back to the past... Buzz finds your sports stats book from the future and strikes it rich on the betting scene! 3. Back to the wild west... I don't remember what Buzz was up to but it was unpalatable to you and you had to act to change history.

3. True Lies. Jamie Lee Curtis is pretending to be a hooker for Arnold and falls doing a slutty stripper move on the bed post. Genius.

4. A Christmas Story. I HAVE to watch this movie during the holidays. Ralphie's little brother all bundled up in that snow suit with his arms stuck up is an image that goes through my head every time I get the little one ready for outside.

5. Annie. Daddy Warbucks says, "she's not an orphan, orphans are boys". Punjab dances around while singing "we got annie". It's a completely insane thing to love, but I do.

6. Beaches. COME. ON. It's got everything... showbusiness, boardwalks, best friends, verandas, marriage, bitch fights, terminal illnesses...

7. The Goonies. Chunk makes friends with the deformed brother chained in the basement because he ALSO loves candy bars... and said deformed brother saves their asses on the pirate boat that they were going through a terribly dangerous booby-trapped laden course to find because it contains one-eyed willy's treasure because they're moving away... and so all bets are off.

8. Dirty Dancing. Okay, to be clear I actually hate this movie, but it has to be on this list simply because I was so disgusted that I watched it over and over again and remembered every single part so that I may mock it in every day life for the next 20 years and more. Ask my sister... we make reference to it's total lack of coolness daily.

9. What's love got to do with it. I can make the sound of the ambulance moaning up to Ike's house after Ike's girfriend tries to kill Tina in her sleep because she's jealous. I can.

10. this one's for you to fill in... tell me what movie you love that if asked, you totally deny.



Gigababy. Tips are appreciated! said...

1, 6 and 8 make me barf but the rest, hands down, superb. Can watch over and over!

alicia said...
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alicia said...

i love that used the word "delicate" when describing the team of hartman and sinbad. brizilliant.

you know i'm going to say labyrinth, if not JUST for the monster fetuses on sticks being used as crude weaponry. that's my pick until they make "the two coreys" into a movie.

Anonymous said...

Roman is mad at you for your mean comments about Patrick. You love him. Don't act like you don't. Gagoom.

love spaghetti arms


Anonymous said...

Any National Lampoon "Vacation" movie
and the British movie about the zombies in the small town - I forget the name - Hysterical!

punchanella said...

"crude weaponry"... hahaha

roman, you're wild... what? YOU'RE WILD!

and good call on the national lampoons movies, i always watch those when they're on... always.

and gigs... stop lying about beaches!

Field Notes said...

American Pie. It's so juvenile... but it does make me laugh ;0} I will completely deny this later, of course.