Tuesday, February 19, 2008

spherical things

thank jeebus. today google bestowed upon me ads for how to make money off your blog... uhthankyou. and if you scroll down a tad, we've got ads for food and wine... ahah! mon favori!

see, it only took a few days. TOUGH OUT THE less than cool ADS, you can do it.

still, i have no clicks so i didn't make any dough, but that wasn't the point anymore, now was it. well, it is still the point... the point of cool ads was a tangent point.

i'll stop.

i'm super exhausted. LONG DAY. i have sat here all night doing pretty much nothing except tickling the kid. i love his giggles. i've been waiting since 8pm to eat strawberries, but i've been too lazy/tired to get off my ass and clean them.

lastly, i married my husband for lots of reasons... one of them being that he wasn't one of those guys that touched their balls. i mean, seriously that is disgusting. keep that in mind when you are choosing a partner, ball jiggling is not acceptable no matter how cute he is. somewhere down the line the cute appeal is less important, and the lack of ball touching keeps you together. YOU HEAR ME, ELI?



alicia said...

i knew there was a reason i liked him so much. i couldn't put my finger on it, but now that you mention it...

plus he makes a MEAN basilito.

punchanella said...

i know, right?

and every time you mention the basilitos, i start to puke.

RandomNotions said...

haha you are back to diapers again

punchanella said...

for god's sake. everytime someone mentions them i get more! i went through my posts and deleted all those words, but I'M STILL ON THEM.