Saturday, February 16, 2008

what google thinks of me, day 2

recently, as in, yesterday i added google adsense. they've made some associative decisions and came up with this for my first day of advertising.

phew! today we're off old people nappies, and onto baby ones. now those i have experience with... is there some sort of 'keyword' analysis going on, or is some dickbrain reading blogs going... yea, we'll start with anal itch creams and progress to hair removal products from there.

well google adsense... you can't beat me! i will continue to wait until i graduate to ultra awesome ads. geriatric paraphernalia doesn't scare me! eventually you'll advertise gum and shoes, and i'll be here... waiting.


RandomNotions said...

now you are showing disposable underwear...if you get this then i guess i am glad i am not doing google much are you getting for this weirdness anyways?

punchanella said...

the answer, nancy, is likely NOTHIN. not only do people have to come to my blog, but they have to click on the ads as well. you tell me the likelyhood that a bunch of geriatrics are skimming my site and clicking on ads. :(

oh well, i will not be broken! unless a better advertiser accepts me. :)

RandomNotions said...

well you never know though...i have found lately that all my hobbies are also shared by geriatrics such as gardening, knitting, crocheting...dogs...who knows?

moosh in indy. said...

Ah sweet sweet google adsense.
Why don't you sign up with blogherads? They don't do underwear. Or pee pee problems.

punchanella said...

now google is posting "is your husband cheating?" and "how to cope with cheating husbands"

interesting. i bet my husband is cheating because i pee myself and require disposable bibs. and who can blame him, really.

apparently i appear quite an unfortunate individual based on my keywords.

blogerhads, HERE I COME. :)

Secret Jewellz said...

That is a crakka, i had google adsense and took it straight off. Enjoy reading your blog.