Thursday, March 13, 2008

i'm a survey ho, fo sho.

i don't know if it's the researcher in me or what (it is), but i am so pro-survey it's ridiculous. i'll take a survey on nearly anything, for serious.

i just think it's important that when someone is conducting a survey, hard core research, marketing or otherwise (VOTE IN YOUR ELECTIONS, PEOPLE!) that in order for it to be at all useful it has to have a LARGE and as random a sample as is humanly possible, so i always encourage people to participate. you know, the results of surveys always trickle down to the little people... through policy change, better marketing/products/customer service, better social programs, better laws, etc. etc. so TAKE SURVEYS.

in fact, i have one for you to take right now. go. do it. do it for the researcher in me and all those little people out there. people always have opinions, and surveys allow you to voice them.


alicia said...

if anyone answers "yes" to giving up alcohol instead of giving up the "blogoshere" i will require immediate sedation.

punchanella said...

no doubt. i mean, you'd have to be some kind of internet zealot. and then i don't want to talk to you.

alcohol > the interwebs


CastoCreations said...

I LOVE taking surveys. lol

I love the web more than alcohol! But not more than TV ... or ice cream. :)

punchanella said...

see, i could take or leave ice cream.

ice cream < the interwebs

tv? that's iffy. i really love tv.

thanks for doing the survey ladies!