Tuesday, April 1, 2008

how i found out about my auxiliary brain.

okay guys, this is my brain. yes, MY very own, 100% me, picture of my brain. my sister was doing a study where they were doing some brain imaging via MRI, and asked me to participate.

i learned something about myself that day, and not just how many folds are in my frontal lobe.

as i was getting prepared to enter the 'magnet' it started to occur to me that one could, if they were prone to such things, feel claustrophobic in such a place. but i was there for science, i was there for better treatment options for stroke and cancer patients, i was doing it for my little sister. and why should i feel afraid, afterall, the opening at my feet would be open even after i was loaded into the tube. in there was a MIRROR so i could see my feet! i was sure i'd be fine.
but something started to hit me as i slid into the tube... i was nervous, i was apprehensive, i was all out afraid. my sister reminded me about the PERKS of being in her research study. i decided to tough it out. however, once you're in the tube, and you've finally calmed yourself down, then they start the scan. it's the LOUDEST grunting-type noise imaginable and it's going round and round your head for minutes on end. i was in there for almost an hour. an hour of going "you're okay, this is all in your head (literally), be strong, stop whining, you're not going to die in here."

i will NEVER, unless totally required, go into the death tube again. never. and all i have to show for this total fear is $50 i spent and three views of my brain.

interestingly enough, upon closer examination of my brain, i noticed a small, 'auxiliary' brain atop my regular brain.

what the hell is that? well, friends, by way of reasoning: if my sister's scan (data not shown) showed no auxiliary brain, yet mine did, and the only difference between us in terms of brain capacity is my ability to understand and manipulate electronics/machinery, then this is what's responsible for "sarah's small engine repair" which is what we call it when i fix things; the remote, my sewing machine, your camera, the VCR, toys, you name it, i will jimmy it until it's fixed. this is the extra hunk of brain that lets me program the VCR clock.

i've also seen the inside of my stomach on TV, but that's for another day.


alicia said...

"i will jimmy it until it's fixed." brizilliant.

Gigababy. Tips are appreciated! said...

Now *that* is one sexy looking brain!

RandomNotions said...

ooo i need one of those brains! how do i grow or steal one?