Sunday, April 27, 2008

my sewing un-hibernated last week

and here are the results! one is a new product that my husband named the 'iHug'. little known fact, eli is fabulous at naming things (recall nomenclature abstractions, anyone that knows him... in fact, nomenclature abstractions warrant a post of their own; note to self). ANYWAY.

the iHug is a cozy little way to protect your iPod. really, no explanation is required... i found the tutorial for it here, and the actual tutorial she references is here. look, there's one now!
and another!
and everyone together.
alright, that's enough of that.

now, the other thing i did was make these pot-belly doorstops. they're just like the other doorstops, except that i used an interfacing that promoted a fat-belly shape. initially i wanted to throw them out the window, but when i woke up the next morning and saw them all on the floor together, there was something puppy-like about them; oh right, their fatness. adorable!


Anonymous said...


have you thought of making those doorstops with one piece of fabric? you know, the way you can fold a box from a shape in cardboard (or make cubes out of a sheet of paper with 5 squares sharing sides)?
the pattern in the fabric you use would not be interupted and you could make seams on the outside to make it more secure...

just a thought


Anonymous said...

actually meant 6 squares...not 5

alicia said...

those iHugs are adorable! they should sell them at crapters - or maybe even at massengill or white folks...

punchanella said...

val, do you have a picture of what you mean? i'm intrigued!

and leash... i know, right? my life is so abstracted!

Anonymous said...

well you can cut a template like this one
the square surrounded by 4 other ones could be the top.

also its less sweing as some sides are already bound
for an effect, you pinch the side where two sides are connected and sew that, so it makes a little bump

too abstract? its what i did when i made myself a post you a picture but i dont have one..


Anonymous said...

actually i found a picture of that 'outward seam' i was talking about, for the sides of the cube
just imagine that the little bump is facing out, not in


PLO said...

How cute are these? wonderful! I love the ihug, would be perfect for me, but the doorstops are ingenious!