Thursday, May 22, 2008

give your kids tickets... fuhcuz it works.

a while ago i was talking about this woman who was using tickets to get mornings to go smoother and i said i wanted to try it.

yea, i never did it. but last week, my friend christine was all, 'how are the tickets going?' and i had to admit that i never did it. shameful.

so, i did... that night. i got all the supplies and made it up. interestingly, the only actual tickets they had at my local walmart said either "beer", "liquor", or "refreshment". my sister was pretty sure "refreshment" was safe, but you know... why WOULDN'T i buy colored index cards and special stickers to make my own tickets... right? that's what i did.

it's working QUITE nicely. he gets up and gets dressed, puts on his sneaks, finds his backpack... all without me begging or yelling. it's amazing. he also eats most of his dinner, doesn't splash in the bath, and brushes all of his teeth. the cleaning up the toys one, that's not such a hit.

he gets an average of 20 tickets/day. so far he's traded in 3 times. price for rewards range from 10 to 100 tickets, with the ones he wants most priced at around 20 to 25 tickets. part of the key to this, i think, is having a box or bucket to store them in. we count them a couple times a day and talk about what he's saving for. it's good for his math too (as much math as a 4 year old does), how many do you have, how many more do you need, how many will be left when you trade in...)

OH, i almost forgot... he found my stash of index cards and got out his own stickers and made some counterfeit tickets. so watch for that. i'm sure he wasn't trying to cheat...

anyway, i rate this as an A+. i know people are concerned about teaching him to do things only for reward, and the effect may indeed extinguish... but for now, we aren't yelling and crying (and yes, i do mean WE) in the morning.


RandomNotions said...

this sounds fascinating, do you think it would work with husbands and inlaws? And damn if only my dogs can count

Amy said...

Oh, I am so happy that it is working for you. I had a hard time sharing about that subject because I love my kids so much and don't like to blast them out there on the internet, but we were really struggling. The tickets have made things about ninety percent better so I am really happy with the results.

Thanks for letting me know that it is working!!

Manders said...

Hi, I found my way here from a comment on Amy's MotherLoad, I just love her site.

Anyways, I'm using this "sorta" for my 9 year old. It is working so far, but I also tried out this site that Amy had mentioned. I think that has worked more for his age.

If anyone uses HandiPoints I do suggest only doing chores at first. Avoid just for fun or just things that would really help out. I'm doling out rewards for him doing things that I appreciate him doing, but still fighting to get him to do the things I want him to do.

punchanella said...

thank you for the link, manders!

alicia said...

of course you made your own tickets...i'm sure they're the cutest!

Anonymous said...

ooh I totally remember my parents doing this with us. I didn't get many tickets.