Sunday, May 11, 2008

how i avoided immediate suicide...

a while ago i got the genius idea from my constant paranoia that i should really be backing up all my files, because my business and my schooling depended on what was on my laptop. DEPENDED. that involved buying CDs and being really diligent in remembering to do it regularly. so basically I never, ever did that. then i was reading someone's blog and they were talking about mozy. it's this thinger where you upload your files to some sort of server and they 'back-up' your stuff by keeping your most current upload, which you can set to happen on a regular basis without thinking (please excuse all my highly technical jargon there). i signed up because it was FREEEEEEEEEEE.

fast forward to last thursday... i brought my laptop to the lab but forgot my plug so i ran down the battery all day figuring i'd charge it up when i got home. well, my computer AC adaptor (or worse, and yet to be determined, the plug HOLE in my laptop) stopped working, and my computer slowly died. i had 10 MINUTES to think quickly about what files were most important (it's sort of like when you play out the house fire scenario, what do you grab after all the people are out? what? (the pictures)). then i was like, I'LL JUST DO A BACK UP TO MOZY with these 10 minutes i have left, and then i'll have EVERYTHING i backed up! so i did it. and now... even though my heart is way broken about my misfortune, i've got all my files.

i read about it, and mozy gets complaints about it not saving everything you set it to save, but so far, i've yet to find something i couldn't get. knock on wood.

point is, i have to insist that you go to mozy and sign up yourself... it might save you from throwing yourself out of an upstairs window!


alicia said...

why are you disaster's mistress?

in other news...last night my friend erin was raving about all of the punchy goods she got from your etsy shop! i told her that you bought a book about sewing, read it, and then magically had a thriving business.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! You are definitely a very busy woman! Your posts are insightful and humorous.

punchanella said...

thanks cindy, that's quite a compliment!