Friday, May 16, 2008

never EVER use FedEx to ship internationally. NEVER!

FedEx are Asses. A story by Sarah...

Hallmark magazine: Hi! We love one of your products and are considering it for our magazine article. Would you please send us your product overnight so we can look at it?

Me: YES!

FedEx: Overnight service, $60.00 (me forks over the money).

FedEx: Oh uh, we forgot to get ahold of you, but your box is being held at OUR customs facility. We just need to ask you questions twice and get the same information. (me answers questions).

Box: I'm totally LATE!

Hallmark magazine: I'm sorry, your items didn't make it in time and we had to make a decision. Sorry!


Insult to injury... the items come back from the magazine...

FedEx: Hello, um, we're charging you $30.00 in duty on your package coming from Hallmark Magazine.

Me: WHA? They are MY items, they were fabricated in Canada, they were commercial samples. I don't have to pay duty.

FedEx: Our mistake. That'll be $30.00 or you don't get the box. (me forks over money)

Fast forward to Monday of this week...

Book Publisher: Please send us your projects that we're putting in the book by Thursday the 15th or you're out!

Me: Hey Fedex, Um... can you send these items to this book publisher by Thursday, 4 days later?

FedEx: Yes, but it's going to be $40.31 and we'll OVERNIGHT IT.

Me: I don't want overnight. I want over 3 nights.

FedEx: Then it's not guaranteed. Overnight is guaranteed.

Me: FINE. (me forks over money).

FedEx: Hi, it's Friday... your items are at OUR customs facility.


FedEx: Oh yea, sorry... we had you fill out the forms wrong. Our bad.

Me: I'm enraged, you've cost me over a thousand dollars at this point in lost revenue and fees paid.

FedEx: Tough shit.

SO BASICALLY, I WANT TO DIE RIGHT NOW. This is the second project that I have not been able to take part in because my items didn't arrive on time. Are you EFFING KIDDING ME? Why didn't I learn the first time, you ask? I didn't realize that 'fluke' could happen twice.

If the publisher FedExes them back to me, and I have to pay duty on my own items again, I'M GONNA LOSE IT!

So. Mad.


RandomNotions said...

I am so sorry to hear that! Is there any other service you can use such as UPS or DHL? Also if it was guaranteed can't you get your money back or something? I don't know what you have up there (if i remember right you are in canada right?)but if i were you i would file a complaint with Better business people or something oh and forward your blog post to PR or customer service at FedEx along with how many readers you get

alicia said...

again, disaster's mistress. i swear you must have burned villages in a past life.

punchanella said...

honestly, the common denominator in all these things is me. someone remove this curse!

Gigababy said...

I worked for UPS
I trust them. Do it.