Monday, July 21, 2008


as a tribute to my 30-ness (sometime this week, NOT YET, still 29)... I have decided to take you on a magical trip through my last 30 years on earf.

1 year old. things to note: a) i am in a car on someone's LAP and it's moving. b) i am NOT with my parents. c) that thumb was in my mouth until i was about 15 years old, that's a secret, don't be tellin' people that.
2 years old. my first time flashing my bling, a sign of things to come. in fact, i just put a big, fat, over-done black and white diamond ring on layaway. yes, layaway... my sister works at the jewelry store part time, so i gots CREDIT. but i'm not taking it home until i graduate, or i come up with another $1100. whichever occurs first ($1100). this has nothing to do with being 2 years old. 3 years old (no, i won't do all the years, promise). there's nothing to note here other than how rad my coat is (i'm the blonde). that little girl with me is lisa. i have NO idea where she is today, her, OR that coat.
7 years old. what did i tell you about the thumb? this is me with my little sister, emily. that's actually MY bear. it came with a bracelet that broke, and em is drooling on it... also, i sign of things to come.9 years old. this is where i started to care about my hair, and in doing so... destroyed it. it's not that bad, wait until you see the next picture.13 years old. see, when i feel stressed i like to change my appearance. we were moving to canada and i was terrified, so i decided to get a short haircut. word to the WISE, don't cut curly hair short. i'm sure i'm making a list of all the things i hate about moving to a new country even if it's still english-speaking. things like, "dude, milk comes in BAGS here and why can't i get now-n-laters?" note the caboodles in the bottom left corner, awesome. eli says that with this haircut, i am a dead ringer for ian ziering, or steve from beverly hills 90210. he loves this joke and uses it at least weekly.
14 - 15 years old. okay, now here is 2 years worth of asshole sweater pictures. whassat? an asshole sweater is one made by a crazy relative that they make you put on and pose in front of their crazy wall hangings in. these are courtesy of aunt mary. believe it or not, i had a steady boyfriend at this time who thought i was pretty cute. he never, ever saw these sweaters or this house.17 years old. prom. this is when being a little sister sucks (see poor emy there). being a little sister rocks when you're not the one at home with a 4-year old and socks on the floor and more cushion for the pushin'. then being a little sister rules.
19 years old. first car. i feel jazzy about it, obviously.
21 years old. ELI!!!! (see up-stairs of me). in exchange for my parents paying for and supplying eli and i with a wonderful, fully paid for wedding, we helped renovate the house the year before. i spent more time on those stairs painting than when i turned 19 and started getting DRUNK and crawling up them to bed at 2 am. we were pretty intimate then, the stairs and i. 23 years old. LOOKITMEEEEEE, i finished my undergrad in biology to... work as an assistant manager at a clothing store. weeeeeeeeee! here is me with my two favorite staff-people, fiona and alicia... we're posing like the losery mannequins from "le chateau" down the mall hall. we oft wondered why they contorted their mannies in that way. but really, who are the losers here? that's right, US. none of us work there anymore.25 years old. at 25, i had a baby, and got fat. let's just move on to later, shall we? (there's only 2 more, hang in there).27 years old. sad fact, i was working at the above clothing store as a manager again. at least this time it was part time as a student. actually, the SADDER fact is that i was a student then, and continue to be so now. but yea, 27.

29 years old. here i am with my babycakes. i've said it before, and i'll say it again... i was into the punch at this wedding (there was a choice... i went into the 'alcohol' line).

well... i'll have to show you a picture of what 30 looks like when i get there in a couple days. i think it looks like this with longer hair... but you know, best to be sure.



RandomNotions said...

some how now i feel so oddly close to you ( and to think a 6 months or so ago you worried about putting your face out on the interwebs)

punchanella said...

i'm kinda ridiculous like that.

Elizabeth the Gardener said...

Hell, 30 aint no thang.

Actually, the 30's are one of your higher-ranking decades, so happy birthday and *enjoy!*

BTW: Shameless self-promoters that we bloggers be, I think there are more Blogger "choose an identity" options you might consider enabling in comment area. Otherwise I'm one who can't leave a URL!

Courtney said...

Caboodle. I love it.

BTW - I agree with Elizabeth the Gardener. I wanna leave my blog!

ps. I've got 6 months till the big 3-0. I'm celebrating by going to Hawaii. Oh yeah baby!

punchanella said...

i'm trying to make it so you can leave your URL, but i can't figure it out. HELP.

alicia said...

bonne fete celine! that was a magical trip down memory lane... i really miss that burgundy track jacket i had.

i love that strangers post comments on your blog. even people who claim to love me are too lazy.

thirty flirty and thriving!

p.s 2 year old celine is the girl version of sam.

love weesha

Gigababy said...

Awesome post!
You know how much that Impala would be worth today!!!
I'm surprised you weren't lying across the dash like my parents did with me!

30 sucked for me. I hated it. It has to be the worst milestone... ever.

J-Mi said...

I just turned 25, and I think if I had done the same thing you just did, it would be somewhat similar. Only I'm straight-headed and a brunette, and not married and have no babies. BUT. I have been in school forever, just graduated college and am still working retail, and, even though i've been doing it forever, still kinda loving it. I keep telling myself i'm just not ready for the "real world", and that's why I haven't sought out that 'real' job yet, but seriously, what's that anyway?

J-Mi said...
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J-Mi said...

okay, the deleted comment was me, i was testing something. if you're talking about leaving blog links in posts, you can use html coding to do it in a comment, so it shows up like this. though i have no clue if that's what you are talking about or not.

oh and the reason i came back again to post was what gigababy said. i spent the majority of my at home days riding on the hump between the two bucket back seats in various cars, mostly a 68 camero my dad had. there were three of us kids and i always got stuck there :)

punchanella said...

thanks j-mi!

so... how do you guys even recognize that car? i certainly can't even read that word on the dash.