Saturday, July 19, 2008

it's a potpourri of uninteresting crap

don't you feel like potpourri SCREAMS the 80's for some reason?

i've got nothing good to say... ever happened to you? i'd love to blog to you fine people, i truly would but i've got nothin'.

i could explain how i've had a migraine 10 days out of the last 14, with the longest stretch being 5 days in a row. how i nearly died taking migraine medication and wasn't breathing while i slept. but really, that is so boring/whiney.

orrrrrrrr we could discuss how i have made more bling slings in the last 3 weeks than i ever thought i'd make in a year and it's not over yet... brides are ordering them in groups for bridesmaids' gifts. also, eli, myself, my sister and her new fiance (also newsworthy but only if you're a real-life friend) are all going to Vegas in october because i've been asked to be a designer in the upcoming "Sunday in the Valley" exclusive shopping event held at the Palms Casino. but honestly, that is also so DULL if you're not me, owner and operator of punchanella.

i could complain about how bored and broke i am. yea, welcome to life.

ummmmm, i made really good pesto from my garden? that was interesting. so much buttery taste when it's homemade. NEVER BUY JARS OF PESTO AGAIN, ew.

i'm going to be 30 next week. that's mildly interesting. i'm not having any sort of crisis or moment, i don't need any help from my girlfriends (i don't really have girlfriends like in the movies) and i am NOT NOT NOT getting any kind of manicure/pedicure/facial. gawd... i'm just going to continue to pay down my GORGEOUS black and white diamond ring i am buying myself for not dying up 'till now.

i am contemplating having swiss chocolate ice cream with snickers worked into it from Marble Slab for dinner.

my living room floor is covered in a duvet (my husband brought it down at 6am to watch the british open and never brought it back up) and megablocks. that is SO my life.

anyway, AS YOU CAN SEE, i am totally uninspired lately. you should all suggest ways to un-slumpify.


RandomNotions said...

well congrats on making it to 30! happy early birthday (better early than late) i think it is just amazingly awesome that you have been invited to the show in vegas. i am just now taming my new garden so i envy your pesto and honestly potpourri freaks me out, reminds me of nursing homes

alicia said...

i used to love potpourri as a child in my "country crafts" phase. i once made myself a drawer sachet out of plastic canvas in the shape of a bear holding a heart. the heart was full of potpourri. i still have it...

dude, the palms! the real world las vegas totally lived there!!!

thirty, flirty, and thriving! did the card i sent you still reek of sharpie when you got it?

eli is this week's golf related item.

movie reeeeel!

punchanella said...

leash, your card just arrived. tres, tres bien (spanish). yer duh bestest.