Tuesday, July 29, 2008

a little help, here, please.

fact is, i can't make a blog post without a picture. this picture is courtesy of Sam and his kids' digital camera, and it relates not one bit to the blog entry at hand...

i feel that i don't ask for much (i totally do).

i'm trying to make my readers happy, i want you to want me. i need you to need me... didn't i didn't didn't i see you cryin'? sorry, sometimes that songs creeps into my head. interestingly enough, so does, "the greatest love" by whitney houston. my head is a really bad place to be for songs. i hate both of those songs.


my point was that dear readers/travellers to 'i just work here' are displeased with the lack of links to websites/blogs and such. in my head, this is a limitation of blogger (which isn't backed up with any good science, but i'm working with that theory anyway). i have signed up for typepad... seems like the linking/trackback options are far superior... go here to see and comment with LINKS!

however, i can't seem to get things to work for me in terms of putting up my banner, customizing my sidebar content, etc. etc.

this would be a big move for me, moving my blogher stuff, re-directing traffic to the new blog, old links out there to the old blog... etc. etc.

is it worth it? is there somewhere that will tell me QUICKLY how to get typepad to meet my needs? i can figure most things out (see posts referring to my auxiliary brain), but i need to do it quickly.

anyway, HELP ME. help me either get blogger to do what i want with links in comments, or how to get typepad to be more user-friendly (the preferable option).



alicia said...

i dunno duder, sounds like a LOT of work to me. and you know how i feel about work. just draw gary beckett's hole over it and call it "completed ops".

punchanella said...

i already tried that... they just re-sent the ops with more color-codes on the panty table.

alicia said...

i often wonder if hell is just a big round panty table that needs to be sized...

punchanella said...

i can tell you that it is. there is also a lot of pipetting.