Monday, August 4, 2008



"i just work here" packed up it's crap (or actually, left it here at this URL so you can always, always read and love it) and moved to TYPEPAD.

why did i do this? you can scroll down and see the post discussing it (which involves me talking about it and no real discussion). basically, typepad offers me more options, although it is at a cost... a monetary cost.

point being, now everyone can link their blogs in their comments and then i can see ya'lls blogs! :)

anyway, change over your links, and obviously, GO HERE:

can i possibly link to my new blog anymore times in one post? yes.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

hot mess

image courtesy of the rib-fest website.

i did see project runway, so i AM allowed to say hot mess...

today was a bit of a hot mess... but parts were also fierce.

we went to rib fest which was surprisingly nice.

-good ribs, and i don't even like ribs
-delicious elephant ear sprinkled with icing sugar
-sam loved the stupid elephants go in a circle ride... made him happy, went on twice
-super, super cute face-painting which was worth every penny to see sam look at himself in the mirror

hot mess:
-4 year-olds have perpetually sticky hands, and hands need to be held at festivals, meaning mom had sticky hands
-mutants, oh my GOD does this city have a ton of mutants that come out en masse for festivals. good. lord...
-same old vendors pushing the same old shit. WHY ARE YOU SELLING SHEETS AT THE RIB FEST?

my grandpa came with us. he's 80. you know what's weird... when my grandma died 3 years ago, i didn't know WHAT was going to happen to him. the year before she died while she was sick, she taught him how to do all the house work and cleaning, but i still wondered how he'd do emotionally. they were always close and in love, but (having watched them go through it)... when your partner is sick or dying and you are caring for them, there is this intimate connection and deeper relationship that comes about through that... and you know, you start to wonder how close two people can get.

i thought he might spend his days wishing he was dead (which i think he did for a while), i thought he might become bitter and unhappy to be here still, and i thought he might waste away until he could finally go be with her. i know he's still very much greiving, but he's been such an interesting man since then... he has a lust for life, he's more in touch with what he wants and thinks, he's reading romance novels... that's weird, right? he's just such an interesting person... and i don't know what i'm trying to say, either than how impressed i am that even though he's had a raw deal several times in his life, he remains a loving, zestful, and fun man... now that's a feat.

anyway, rib fest: fierce, grandpa: fierce, sticky hands: hot mess


So yea, I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. WHY? Because I'm way insane. The whole deal is that you have to post once a day for one WHOLE month. Woo...

This month's theme is HOT and so I thought I start with how I've been painfully hot-headed as of late.

1) I called the cashier at Fabric Land a bitch. That's right, I did it. She accused me of trying to SCAM a $1.80 card of buttons into the "4/$0.99" section. Indeed, she figured I was trying to cheat Fabric Land out of $1.55 CANADIAN. After she said, "oh, I guess it fell in there" I simply refused to speak to her. She handed me my bag after I paid (I HAD TO HAVE THE THINGS I WAS BUYING FOR AN ORDER, OR I WOULD HAVE WALKED OUT) and I said nothing. This... bitch, then had the nerve to say, "uh, you're welcome." That's when I said it...

2) I was at Angelo's (an Italian deli/lunch spot) waiting in line to cash out. An old man with a wire basket started edging up on me, finally jamming the basket into my back to prod me forward. Umkay... First, why do you need to stand so close to me? I have a personal cylinder of at least 1 foot, which I think is completely generous compared to other cylinders. Secondly, poking me? Really? I'M WAITING FOR MY HUSBAND to join me, he's behind you. If' you'd back the EFF up, he could get in. I may have mentioned one or all of those things to him... I don't know if he was shocked or confused, or didn't even hear me (which is, in fact, a possibility) but he backed up and proceeded left into the next aisle.

3) "Eli, stop picking your fingers or I'm going to punch you in the face!"

... things are pretty mental around here... and I realize I need to try and keep it together as I attempt to finish up (I'M NOT EVEN CLOSE, BECAUSE SOMEONE SUGGESTS THAT I SHOULD PROOVE A FACT OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER AGAIN 85 bazillion different ways, and YES, I know I'm being one of those students that thinks they know better because they want to get out of there). I don't want to be one of those grad students that I make fun of. I think I'll go take a lavendula bath and m e l l o w.

Anyway... see you tomorrow when we talk about more HOT things (could be more of me complaining). :)