Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ever seen Mad Men?

It doesn't even matter if you have or you haven't, because I assure you, it's affected your life.  The styles of the 60's that the show is set in are IN YOUR LIFE right now.  Whether you're into Betty being a twit or Don letting you down YET again, you're seeing and likely showcasing styles from that show.  Why?  Because whoever does the styling for it is AMAZING... story-line aside, it's not arguable that the style is perfection.

And you know who does the styling for it?  I DO!!!  Janie Bryant.  I know that because Janie Effin Bryant selected MY matching jewelry roll/make up bag sets to feature in her curated event for MYHABIT

See here:

So yes, I am next to a $23,000 VINTAGE HERMES bag and some seriously amazing other designers like Chanel, Nina Ricci, Chloe, etc. etc.

Here's what Janie Bryant had to say about my sets:  "Traveling or staying home, these little bags help keep all my make-up and jewelry organized and looking lovely."

Pretty much I just died.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i get sick of one place

so i'm back here.

don't ask.

at any rate... i cut louie's guts out.  well, i didn't, a very sketchy "clinic" did.  in my defense, i didn't know it was sketchy.  however, she's alive even though it seemed she might not be the night of and the next day. 

but praise be to god, no more spiderman undies with panty liners that i have to change every 6 to 9 months.  :S

lookit new lou:

and darby was asleep so his ADD was quiet for a moment and i got an actual picture of his face:

we're going to pawlooza this weekend.  eli is super mean about going but i only ask to do weird shit twice a year so we're going. 

the boys are good.  i still don't want to blog, but i miss your commentary, leash... so this is for you.  lerve.