Friday, May 4, 2012

From Where I Stand (FWIS):

FWIS: April 26th - a "mental health" day off work.
 FWIS: April 27th - I have to sew
 FWIS: April 28th - alone with the kids
 FWIS: April 29th - new duvet... long overdue
 FWIS: April 30th - water baby
 FWIS: May 1st - Hank and I leaving for school
 FWIS: May 2nd - sick day
 FWIS: May 3rd - sick day #2
FWIS: May 4th - sick day #THREE
FWIS: May 5th - waiting for the Supermoon to rise
FWIS: May 6th - at the farm to breathe fresh air
FWIS: May 7th - shit day
FWIS: May 8th - gotta pick everyone up
FWIS: May 9th - OB/GYN Research Day
FWIS: May 10th - :D garden center :D
 FWIS: May 11th - Golden Hour at Walmart
FWIS: May 12th - weekend afternoon
 FWIS: May 13th - baptism
FWIS: May 14th - untitled
FWIS: May 15th - tub
FWIS: May 16th - sewing buddies


alicia said...

i'm fascinated by your socks. like, what's going on in that department? the ones that are just a foot and no ankle sleeve - i'm unsure about those.

anywho, i'm gonna steal one or more of your dogs/cameras. did you find a crimper for us yet?

movie reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!
love leash

punchanella said...

i don't understand how you don't understand ankle socks.

ankle socks are a sock hater's best friend because they are the least amount of sock you can wear and still be wearing socks.

also, i still have no crimper.