Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lifeystyle photography 4 LYFE.

As is my usual fashion, I've read a book and learned a trade and turned it into a business that in 7 years I will wish to sell to someone else (punchanella is for sale, yo!).

Well, I'll start here.  I'm blogging again, although it's associated with my business so it won't be as sweary or honest, BUT it will contain pretty pictures and excerpts from my witty vault (which is not a thing).  My blog will be here (leash, please come there).  My photography website itself, of which the blog is part of, is here

Hank LITERALLY said, "wan sum?" and Darby was like "yeaido!" but he couldn't fit his face in.  Bummer. 


alicia said...

you lost me at "not as sweary", but i'll go there because i love you.

punchanella said...

dude, i know. but bidness is bidness.